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A good rule of thumb is to have _____ available at all times. two cutting shears and one thinning shear
As hair dries, it shrinks up to 1/2 inch
To create precise lines when cutting straight hair, you should use _____ tension. maximum
The degree at which a subsection of hair is held from the head when cutting is called: elevation
The process of removing excess bulk without shortening the length is known as: texturizing
A _____ haircut is a slow or immediate build up of weight. graduated
The _____ is the direction hair grows from the scalp. growth pattern
The visual line in a haircut, where the ends of the hair hang together, is called the: weight line
The number of individual hair strands on 1 square inch of scalp is called: hair density
Vertical lines: remove weight
When using the scissor-over-comb method, you generally: start at the hairline
Which technique is best to use when you need to maintain control of a subsection while cutting a vertical or diagonal cutting line? cutting palm-to-palm
Which term is used to describe the amount of movement in the hair strand? wave pattern
A _____ is used when creating layered or graduated haircuts. traveling guideline
Which tool is mainly used when creating short haircuts, short tapers, fades, and flat tops? clippers
Where is the occipital bone located? base of the skull
How often should you sharpen your shears? only when needed
The _____ is the angle at which the fingers are held when cutting the line that creates the end shape. cutting line
The crown is defined as the area between the apex and the back of the parietal ridge
Palming haircutting shears when combing the hair prevents you from cutting yourself and also: reduces strain on the index finger and thumb
How often should you clean and disinfect your shears? after every client
When performing a layered haircut, the hair is usually cut at an elevation of _____ degrees. 90
For control during haircutting, the hair is parted into uniform working areas called: sections
When standing to work on a haircut, you should NOT: stand to the side of the section you are cutting
When performing a haircut, cutting past the two front corners can cause a bang area to end up on the _____ of the haircut. sides
When your shears are properly fitted, the thumb hole will rest
A _____ comb is mainly used for close tapers on the nape and sides when using the scissor-over-comb technique. barber
Which bang style is generally NOT designed for all hair lengths? side swept
When performing a graduated haircut, you should NOT: use two fingers' depth on the sides
The nape area is located by taking a horizontal parting across the back of the head at the _____ bone. occipital
Which of the following is a technique that uses diagonal lines to create angles by cutting the ends with a slight increase or decrease in length? beveling
The space between two lines or surfaces that intersect at a given point is called a(n): angle
Areas of the head where the surface changes are called: reference points
Which statement about razors is correct? They use a finer blade than shears.
Generally, a shear with a Rockwell hardness of _____ is ideal. 56 or 57
The _____ is a triangular section that begins at the apex and ends at the front corners. bang area
When using thinning shears to remove bulk, you should comb the subsection out from the head and cut it with the thinning shears at least _____ from the scalp. 4 to 5 inches
The widest area of the head, starting at the temples and ending at the bottom of the crown, is the: parietal ridge
When cutting the bangs or fringe you should allow for the natural lift of the hair
Shears with a(n) _____ grip move the thumb forward, so it is resting below the ring and middle fingers. offset
Which of the following is a more aggressive version of point cutting that creates a chunkier effect? Which of the following is a more aggressive version of point cutting that creates a chunkier effect?
Once a week, you should open shears to a ______-degree angle in order to clean out any hair particles or debris. 90
Which type of lines direct the eye from one side to the other? horizontal
During a haircut, when the hair is elevated below 90 degrees, you: build weight
If you are buying cast shears, you should not pay more than: $200
To determine the front area of the head, you should draw a line from the apex to the: back of the ear
A guideline that does not move and to which all other sections are combed is a(n): stationary guideline
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