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facials/hair color


When performing facial massage on male clients, you should: use downward movements in the beard area
A(n) _____ is a chemical exfoliant that works by dissolving keratin protein in the surface cells. enzyme peel
A(n) _____ mask is melted to a little more than body temperature before application. paraffin Wax
Toners are: use to rebalance the skin's PH
Which type of massage involves short, quick tapping, slapping, and hacking movements? tapotement
Cleansing milks are non- foaming
When should vibration be applied? at the end of the massage
Humectants are ingredients that: attract water
When performing facial treatments, you should do all of the following EXCEPT: discourage the client from asking questions as you work
Hacking is a chopping movement performed with the: Edges of the hands
Dark blotches on the skin caused by sun exposure or hormonal imbalances are known as: Hyperpigmentation
An ampoule is an individual dose of: serum
For the soothing and relaxing effects, every massage should begin and end with: effleurage
Alipidic skin is skin that: does not produce enough sebum
Couperose skin is indicated by: diffuse redness
When using light tapping movements during a facial massage, you should work from the chin to the: forehead
The _____ is the portion of the muscle at the fixed attachment (to an immovable section of the skeleton). origin
Moisturizers that contain a broad-spectrum sunscreen protect against _____ rays. UVA and UVB
A(n) _____ contains a higher concentration of ingredients designed to penetrate skin. Serum
Acne _____ are red pimples that do not have a pus head. papules
a preservative treatment does NOT: correct a facial condition such as dryness
Skin that is yellowish, with an orange peel texture, is: oily
A _____ point is the area over a muscle where pressure or stimulation causes a contraction. motor
Proper facial and scalp massage does NOT result in: stimulation of nerves
Foaming cleansers are wash-off products that foam easily due to presence of: surfactants
The first and the most critical part of the color service is the: haircolor consultation
The strength of a color is called: intensity
Which layer of the hair is sometimes absent from the hair? medulla
The first step in performing a haircolor service is to identify the: natural level
Permanent haircolors contain uncolored dye precursors called _____. aniline derivatives
Which of these is an example of a secondary color? orange
Which of the following does NOT affect the amount of change hair goes through as it lightens? length of the hair being lightened
Created by: amayo22