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Ella Enchanted Vocab

Vocabulary review

inconsolably cannot be comforted
disarray out of order; messy
mimicking repeating what another person says
swarthy dark complexion
delicacy very rare or expensive
complacently comfortably; worry-free
immortal to live forever
simpleton a foolish person; doesn't know much
gawky awkward
loathe hate or strong dislike
menagerie a collection of exotic animals
ferocity extreme anger; fury
fleeting passing; not lasting very long
inedible cannot be eaten; unappetizing
prosperous successful; making lots of money
unkempt messy; not clean
ecstatically with enthusiasm; happily
impertinence talking back; disrespect
inaudible cannot be heard
toil to work hard
malice the desire to hurt someone
paltry very little; not worth the trouble
desolate feeling lonely or helpless
skirmishes short fights
solitary alone; single
yearning longing for something or someone
shrewed smart; cunning
vainly failed in your effort to do something
ravenous extremely hungry for something
wearisome tiring; boring
confined trapped in one place
frolic to jump and play
scrutinize to study or examine something closely
unblemished without flaws
cunning smart and planning
genially good-natured; pleasant
gullible believing anything someone tells you
valiant heroic
enamored to be obsessed
livid very angry
impoverished being poor; having little to no money
earnest very serious and eager
vexed to be confused
squalor dirty, filthy living conditions
mediocre nothing special; average
pedigree the family you come from; your ancestry
protestations having disagreements about something
servitude working in slavery
countermand to take something back; reverse a decision
stile a type of fence
stalwart dependable
gaily happily
incantations words said to cast a spell
pastoral beautiful country; farm land
dolt a fool; idiot
tedium boring, tiring work
gallantry having good manners; specifically men
stifled to hold back; stay silent
jubilant extremely happy; celebrating
chicanery the use of trickery in order to achieve a goal illegally
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