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Compound Words

Spelling List

sunglasses dark eye-wear worn to protect the eyes
football any of several games played with an oblong ball, also soccer
homework project or lesson assigned outside of school
haircut act or result of trimming a person's tresses
popcorn type of corn kernels that burst when heated
thumbtack a flat-ended pin to attach things to a board
earthquake sudden movement in Earth's crust
earring ornament or jewel worn on the lobe of the ear
scarecrow mannequin used to scare birds away from crops
blueberry small, round, dark blue fruit from a bush
butterflies insects with broad, colorful wings
lawnmower a machine used to cut grass
campground area used for temporary outdoor living
sandbox child's play box full of a grainy substance
toothbrush long handled brush used for cleaning teeth
scrapbook a set of memorabilia arranged in a book
courthouse a building where judicial trials are held
whirlpool a powerful jet of or circular current of water
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