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Cant. Tales Voc.

Shaw Canterbury Tales Vocabulary Sr. 10

Heath an area of open wasteland overgrown with heather, low shrubs, etc.
Hostelry a lodging place
Grace attractive quality; favor or goodwill; divine love given freely to human beings
Prioress the woman in charge of a priory of nuns
Smart sting painfully
Garnish to decorate or trim
Pillar the person who is the main support of an institution or group
Accrue to increase or accumulate
Estimable worthy of esteem
Barge large boat, generally flat-bottomed
Nutritive, victuals food
Buckler small round shield held or worn on the arm
Extort to get money, etc., from someone by threats
Mire wet, soggy ground; deep mud
Disdainful; contemptuous scornful
Lore accumulated information on a particular subject
Wrangler quarrelsome person
Marvel a wonderful thing; a miracle
Frugal thrifty
Bailiff a district official who has the power to collect taxes, keep the peace, etc.
Splay to spread out; expand
Brimstone sulfur
Grope to search or feel about blindly or uncertainty
driblet small amount
scurrility coarseness or vulgarity of language
defer to put off to a future time
strand a foreign country
boorish awkward; coarse; clumsy in manners
joust to fight with another person with lances on horseback
courtliness elegance of manners
bridle a head harness for a horse; to draw one’s head back quickly in anger, pride
supple able to move and bend easily
penitent feeling and expressing shame for having done something wrong
farthing a small British coin
rote memory; a mechanical or routine process
apothecary a person who prepares and sells drugs
pestilence highly contagious disease, usually fatal
parishioner member of a parish
sufficiency an adequate amount
mercenary a person working for payment only; greedy
discreet careful
repine to feel discontented
buffoon a person given to clowning
abstruse hard to understand
dock(ed) to cut short
serf person bound to a master
cavalcade procession, generally of horsemen or carriages
boracic boric acid
shriving penance, confession
prevarication lying
marshal a high official of a royal household
evensong evening worship service
sundry miscellaneous; of an indefinite small number
squire a young man of good birth who attends a knight
yeoman a servant in a noble household
zest relish; wholehearted enjoyment
prior the head of a religious house
absolution forgiveness
arbitrate to settle a dispute as an impartial judge
asunder apart
amble to walk in a slow, relaxed way
adversity a state of misfortune
arrears debts that are unpaid and overdue
burgess formerly a member of British Parliament
brawn powerful, muscular strength
cadet a younger son or brother
cloister a place of religious seclusion
diligent hardworking; industrious
duress harshness; restraint
decree an official decision made previously
ecclesiast clergyman
encumber to hinder; hamper
friar a member of a begging religious order
guile cunning; slyness
garner a place for storing grain
garland a circlet or string of flowers
manure to fertilize soil
matins morning prayers
motley composed of many different unrelated elements or colors
offertory the collection of money at a church service
prelate a high-ranking cleric, such as a bishop or archbishop
parish a district of British local civil government
prudent exercising sound judgment; cautious
peer a noble, especially a member of an hereditary legislative body
quicksilver mercury
rebuke to scold sharply
rash reckless
reckoning a calculation; a final settlement of rewards and penalties
reckon to count; consider
steward a manager of a large household or estate
sward grass-covered earth
shire a county
sheathe to enclose in a casing
solicitous showing concern
scum worthless matter or people regarded as worthless
superfluity an excess
scrupulosity conscientious honesty
tag a short, familiar quotation
tartar a white substance used in laxatives
virtuous morally upright
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