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C&P Section 2

Nature of Crimes

How many vagrants were dealt with by London's Bridewell Prison in 1560? 69
How many vagrants were dealt with by London's Bridewell Prison in 1600? 550
Richard Gwyn, a man from Llanidloes, was executed in Wrexham in 1584. For what crime? Spreading Catholic ideas
In 1704, 150-200 smugglers clashed with 8 officers in Aberdovey. What were they smuggling? Salt
What was the result of the 1738 Hovering Act? It became illegal for vessels smaller than 50 tonnes to wait within 6 miles of the shore
What was the result of the 1736 Act of Indemnity? Injuring officers became punishable by death, there were heavy fines for bribery, but a free pardon for giving up fellow smuggler's names
Who was Dick Turpin? A famous highway robber who was hanged at 33 years old. He lived between 1706-1739
Who set up a 54 man horse patrol around London in 1805? The Fielding brothers, Henry and John
What happened with the Luddites in 1812-1813? There were attacks on factory machines and hand loom weavers in Northern England
Who was responsible for setting fire to hayricks and smashing machines in 1830-31? Agricultural labourers as a part of the Swing Riots
Which famous attacks involved poor farmers disguised as women attacking tollgates in south-west Wales in 1839-43? The Rebecca Riots
When was a 30mph speed limit introduced on residential roads? 1934
What speed limit was introduced for motorways in 1977? 70mph
What apparatus was introduced in 1967 to test alcohol consumption in drivers? The breathalyser
When was texting whilst driving banned? 2003
Who bombed the Arndale shopping centre in Manchester in June 1996? The IRA
How many were killed and injured in the Arndale shopping centre bombing? 0 were killed but 212 were injured
What does the IRA stand for? Irish Republican Army
What happened in the 7/7 attacks on the 7th July 2005? Bombs were set off in the London underground and on a double decker bus in London
Who was responsible for the 7/7 attacks? al-Qaeda
How many were killed and injured in the 7/7 attacks? 56 were killed and 784 were injured
When were the Welsh terrorist group, Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (MAC) active? 1963-69
When were new hate crime laws introduced? 2007
When was football hooliganism especially prominent? The 1970s
Which two football teams were involved in the Heysel stadium disaster? Liverpool and Juventus
What happened at Heysel? Fighting fans caused a wall to collapse, killing 38 people
Created by: DylDZ-GCSE
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