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DWR Section 3

The Coming of War

When were Germany's WWI reparations cancelled? 1932
How long was Hitler's 1934 Non-Aggression pact with Poland supposed to last? 10 years
What did the 1935 Anglo-German Naval Agreement agree? Germany's navy fleet was limited to 35% of the size of Britain's fleet
When did the Saar region vote to return to German control? 1935
Who had control of the Saar region before 1935? The League of Nations
When did Germany withdraw from the League of Nations? 1933
When was conscription reintroduced in Germany? 1935
What also happened in 1935 that broke the terms of the Treaty of Versailles? The size of Germany's military aircraft was increased
When was the Rhineland re-militarized? 7th March 1936
When was the Anschluss proclaimed with Austria? 1938
When was the Czechoslovakia crisis? 1938
When was appeasement used? 1937-1940
What happened to Czechoslovakia in March 1939? It was carved up between Poland, Hungary and Germany
What did the 1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact agree? Poland was to be divided up between Germany and Russia
When did Britain declare war on Germany? 3rd September 1939
When did military action begin? Late spring 1940
How many were members of the Air Raid Precautions (ARP) by September 1939? 1.5 million
When were Morrison shelters given out? 1941
What was used to protect strategic sites across Britain? Barrage balloons
How many barrage balloons were there in August 1940? 2000
When was conscription for men aged 20-22 introduced? April 1939 - before the war
When was conscription for men aged 18-41 introduced? September 1939 - the outbreak of war
What did the 1938 Schedule of Reserved Operations entail? 5 million men of conscription age stayed home because they worked in important industries.
Created by: DylDZ-GCSE
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