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Vocabulary Unit 5

Insinuate Hint
Retribution Punishment
Disparity Inequality
Insidious More harmful than at first evident
Permeate Spread throughout
Opportune Well-timed
Forestall Prevent
Omnipotent All powerful
Interrogate Formally question
Flout Disobey
Implement Carry out
Obstructive Undesirably noticeable
Discrete Tactful
Impromptu Unplanned
Heinous Evil
Inference Assumption
Fastidious Attentive to details
Innuendo Indirect remark
Expedite Speed up
Rebuke Scold
Vehement Forceful
Auspicious Favorable
Transgress Break a law
Redeem Restored to favor
Turbulent Wildly disturbed
Macabre Frightful
Derogatory Belittling
Validate Prove
Misconstrue Misunderstand
Deride Ridicule
Fabricate Invent
Impending About to happen
Paramount Chief
Irreparable Unable to be repaired
Adroit Skillful
Stigma Disgrace
Repudiate Deny the truth of
Spontaneous Done on impulse
Pinnacle Peak
Platitude Commonplace remark
Contention Claim
Incapacitate Disable
Docile Easy to discipline
Abrasive Rough
Prognosis Prediction
Admonish Scold
Antithesis Opposite
Culminations Highest point
Emulate Imitate
Created by: MajorJoker