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Accent and Dialect

The study of accents and dialects

What is recieved pronunciation? Overt prestige, like recieved wisdom
Define "Dialect" A regional variety of a language distinguished by vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation
What is dialect levelling? A concept that dialects have levelled out and are not distinct, thanks to the media, education, urbanisation and travel
Define "Bidialectism" The ability to switch between two dialect forms
What is koineisation? The process of creating a new language form by mixing two existing forms or through dialect levelling
Define "Status & Solidarity Values" The process of thinking about information about one or more other people in relation to the self
What are isoglosses? Geographical boundary lines where different linguistic features meet
Translate isoglosses into Greek Equal language
What is cockney? The nonstandard dialect of natives of the east end of London
Define "Estuary English" A recent accent variety used in the south-east England which combines RP with some aspects of regional southern accents
What are racist epithets? Terminology that affects negatively a racial community
List the three criteria that depends on whether taboo terms are allowed or not Close bond/relationship, context/trigger and authority
What is the evolution of swearing and using taboo terms, and what are the two concepts of the creation of swearing? It is unclear as to how they came about. Some argue that they are from Anglo Saxon origin, some argue that God in the Bible declared they had blasphemous and sexual connotations
Define "Non Rhotic" A language variety in which sequences of vowel-/r/-consonant or vowel-/r/-word boundary are not permitted to occur
Why do working class women speak with Standard English rather than men? Women have more compassion and talk about their feelings a lot in conversation
List three British places that recieved pronunciation derived from in the 19th century London, Oxford and Cambridge
Created by: 13hored
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