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Cold War Crossword

ColdWar International tension between the democratic government of the USA and the communist government of the USSR.
UN International organization created after WWII to prevent another war.
SatelliteStates Country that is independent but is heavily influenced by another bigger one.
Containment Attempt to keep communism from spreading.
BerlinAirlift When the Soviets blockaded necessary resources from western Berlin and the U.S sent many supplies to them.
NATO An alliance of 29 countries from North America and Western Europe.
WarsawPact An alliance between the USSR and other countries of Eastern Europe.
IronCurtain Metaphorical boundary created by Winston Churchill to describe the border between non-communist and pro-communist societies in Europe
De-Stalinization Trying to get rid of the influence Stalin had on Europe.
SpaceRace When the USA and USSR were trying to get to space before each other.
NuclearAnnihilation The thought in the Cold War of a nuclear world war breaking out and destroying Earth and humanity.
GreatLeapForward Mao Zedong's communist program to modernize China which backfired horribly killing 20 million people in the process.
CivilRightsMovement A movement to enact social justice upon the black people wronged during this time.
DominoTheory The theory Dwight D. Eisenhower made that describes that if one nation falls to communism, all nations near it will also fall.
ArmsRace A race to see who could invent the most destructive WMD. This was between the USA and USSR
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