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Finals - Vocab

84 Words: Teacher - Wester. School - San Pasqual HS

Abhorrence arrousing disaproval
Acquiescence agreeing in a passive way
Acquit To free from guilt
Adamant impossible to persuade
Allude To refer to indirectly
Amicably Pleasent and Friendly in conversation
Arbitrary Chance
Avaricious A strong desire to gain wealth
Cantankerous arguing and complaining
Capricious A foolish desire
Cogitation To spend time thinking
Commodious spacious
Conciliate to end a disagreement
Condemned To critizize
Counfound confused
Congenial pleasent and friendly
Contemptable disrespectful and disliked/deserving contempt
Contrive to arrange or come up with
Contumacious resistant to authority or disobeying court of law
Countenance facial appearance
Degradation to degrade, make feel worthless
Dexterous Skillful with the hands
Diffident lacking confidence
Dilate to swell
Dissipate to dissapear
Doleful very sad
Elocution a way of speaking, pronounced and clear - ART OF PUBLIC SPEAKING
Eloquent a strong message
Elucidate explanation or making clear
Encumbered wayed down
Enigma mysterious
Erudition specialized knowledge
Exonerate to state one is not guilty (opposite of acquit)
Felicitious suitable
Ferment to change chemically/confusion
Foray entering and leaving quickly in a raid
Frugally careful in using money
Gallant brave
Hinder to limit
Hone to sharpen an object
Impertinent rude or not respectful.
Imprudently unwise
Incensed to cause great anger HINT: Censed reminds of fire which reminds of anger
Ingenuous honest, sincere, and trusting HINT: inGENUOUS reminds of "genuine"
Interpose put in middle of, interupt
Irascible Easily made angry HINT: irascible makes think of iractionalbe
Jocose amusing or playful -HINT- Jocose make think of "jokes"
Languid speaking with little energy often attractivly -HINT- Languid thinks of "language"
Manifest to show clearly, very obvious
Meritorious derserving credit or great praise -HINT- MERITorious
Mollified Calm or soothe
Obdurate determined to act in a way that will not change even with persuasion. adamant. refuses to change mind.
Ostentatious overly showy
Palliate to make less intense -HINT- paLLIate...lli in less intense
Penitent showing regret/performing a religious act to show regret
Pernicious harmful effect
Pinioned held against the wall/feathers or wings of a bird -HINT- PINioned reminds of pinned to wall
Plaintive sounds slightly sad
Propitiate to please a person who is annoyed with you
Ravenously extremely hungry
Reciprocate to move backward and foward in an alternative motion -HINT- recipricate reminds of reciprocal which means opposite which reminds of alternate
Recompense to pay back someone
Redolent smelling strongly or something or having qualities that remind of something else -HINT- REdolent...REmind
Remonstrate to complain to someone or about something -HINT- Remonstrate agains bad Rules
Reticent reserved or shy -HINT- REticent...REserved
Rueful expressing regret or feeling sorry -HINT- rueful and regret
Sagacious wise
Sanctify to make holy
Sibilant pronounced with a hissing sound -HINT- proffeso SIBBLE trenlay in HP related to parseltounge
Sojourn a short period where a person stays in a particular place -HINT- Short Journey
Spurious false or not what its supposed to be
Staunch loyal or strongly
Tarnish to become dull or discolered
Taunt tease or annoy
Traverse to move or travel over
Truculent tending to argue a lot or unpleasent
Vestige something not fully developed -HINT- vestigal bones from biology
Vicarious experienced by watching others instead of first hand
Virtuous having good qualities and behaviour
Viscous a sticky liquid
Vivaciously approving
Volition power to make own descions -HINT- on your own VOLITON...volition and descision
Wrathful extreme anger
Created by: gem_of_raven



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