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Chapter 4 SG

Social Studies - Ancient China (SG = Study Guide)

What is another name for the Chang Jiang River? Another name for the Chang Jiang river is the Yangtze River.
What was the purpose of oracle bones? The purpose of the oracle bones was to help tell the future.
Where was China's first capital? Anyang which was in Northern China was the first capital of China.
Name the founder of Daoism and describe the way of thinking? The founder of Daoism was Laozi. This way of thinking was people should give up wordly desires in favor of nature and the Dao.
Name the trade route stretching from western China to southwest Asia. What was sent out of China on this trade route? The Silk Road stretched from Western China to Southwest Asia. High - Priced goods such as silk, spices, tea, and porcelain were sent out of China on the Silk Road.
What did the Ancient Chinese believed the gods needed in order to keep them happy? The ancient Chinese believed the gods needed offerings of food and other goods in order to keep them happy.
What Chinese inventions allowed soldiers to fight on horseback? Two Chinese inventions that allowed Chinese soldiers to ride on horseback were the saddle and the stirrup.
What do you call the practice where children must respect elders? The practice where children must respect elders is filial piety.
Why did people live in the Huang He valley? People lived in the Huang He valley because it had rich soil for farming.
Why did Wu Wang lead a rebellion against the Shang dynasty? Wu Wang lead a rebellion against the Shang dynasty because there was a great gap between the rich and the poor. Shang kings treated people cruelly.
What is the name of the period of violence that made people look for ways to restore order? Period of the Warring States was the period of violence that made people look for ways to restore order.
What were the advantages from the inventions of the iron plows? The advantages from the invention of the iron plow was it helped grow crops, and it broke up land for crops.
Name the three social classes of Ancient China. Give facts about each level. The three social classes of ancient china were the land owning aristocrats, peasant farmers, and merchants. The Land owning aristocrats own estates, peasant farmers worked the land of aristocrats, and merchants are also known as traders.
How did China's geography affect its development? China's geography affect it's development because of natural barriers (such as deserts and mountains) isolated them. About 1/10 of the land could be used for agriculture.
When did Chinese people start to follow Buddhist ideas? In the AD 100's Chinese people started to follow Buddhist ideas.
Name the founder of Confucianism and this way of thinking. The founder of Confucianism is Confucius. His way of thinking was the golden rule, and to do your duty.
Name the founder of Legalism and this way of thinking. The founder of Legalism is Hanfezi. His way of thinking was society needs a system of harsh laws and strict punishment.
Who is Liu Bang? Liu Bang founded the Han dynasty.
Name five Chinese inventions during the Han dynasty. Five Chinese inventions during the Han dynasty are waterwheels, iron drill bits, acupuncture, paper and steel.
Describe filial piety Filial Piety is children had to respect their parents and elders.
a formal order Mandate
Chinese philosophy developed by Hanfezi; taught that humans are neutrally evil and therefore need to be punished by harsh laws Legalism
a character that stands for an object Pictographs
Chinese practice of easing pain by sticking thin needles into peoples skin Acupuncture
he founded the Han dynasty Liu Bang
he was china's first thinker and teacher. He wanted to end the problems in China and bring peace to society. Confucius
they were tests to find the talented people to fill government posts. Civil Service Exams
Created by: makirae10
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