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Business Etiquette midterm topic4

Definition It is how we interact with the world/culture around us. What we learn in our culture may differ when we are in an intercultural situation.
What factors to consider Friendships Punctuality and time Gift Giving Relationship building Women and work
Friendships Extroverts can make friends more easily. Once the contact is made you need skill to maintain and build it. Smile is one of the most universal sign of friendship
Punctuality and time Task oriented/ event time Monochronic/ Polychronic component of time Linear/ nonlinear language Analytical/ Holistic time
Task oriented/ even time Task oriented - days are thought out, planned, and prepared for “making the most” of our day and being as productive with our time as possible Event oriented- An individual will move onto the other task only when he views the current task being done
Monochronic/ Polychronic component Monochronic- focus on one task at a time Polychronic- Multitasking
Linear/ Nonlinear language Linear- short range planning Nonlinear- everything is cyclical and repetitive
Analytical/ Holistic time Analytical- accounting for every minute of the day, more meetings in less time Holistic- Looks at time in larger chunks, less meetings in more time
Gift Giving Some cultures admire gifts verbally and not open in front of giver Some cultures open in front of everyone to show its not bribe Gift certificates to shops and restaurants are generally fine and the supervisor set the tone The value
Women and work Glass ceiling- an unacknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities. Japan struggling with only 3% and Norway at the opposite end with 35.5% of boardroom seats at listed companies held by women.
Created by: azaya
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