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vocab. 12/14

vocab. words

vocab wordsDefinitions
legitimate lawful, legitimate; Logical reasoning, Authentic, genuine
moderate within reasonable limits, not excessive or extreme
elective 1. relating to a selection by vote or by election . 2 permitting or involving by chose. 3. An opional academic course or subject
indefinite unclear, undecided
notable worthy of notice, a person of distinction or great reputation
judical relating to the courts of law or justice, the judal system,
Inadequate does not meet or fill a requirement
guarantee Something that assures a particular outcome or condition
prudent sound jedgement in practical manner, wise, managing carefully
veto order prohibiting an act
illustrious well known or famous, very distinguished
initial occuring at the begining, First letter of a name
merit superior quality or worth, something deserving, praise, reward
moral teaching of right or wrong, ethical
unison 2 people speaking simultaneously or musical consisting of two identical pitches
hypocrite Too critical
indirect not straight, not to the point, dishonest
momentary lasting for only a moment, brief not immediate, secondary
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