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Western Lab Values


WHAT IS ALP testing? Alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme related to bile ducts; often increased when they are blocked. Often, very ALP is high in persons who have cancer that has spread to the liver or the bones.
Normal Ranges of ALP? 30-120 units/L
WHAT IS RBC test for? To evaluate any change in the number of red blood cells in your blood. As part of a complete blood count (CBC), which may be ordered for a variety of reasons.
RBC Normal Values? Male 4.7-6.1 Females 4.2-5.4
What is a Hemoglobin test for? If you have anemia or polycythemia, to assess the severity of these conditions, and to monitor response to treatment
Hemoglobin normal values? 14-18 g/dl Male 12-16 g/dl Female
What is Hematocrit? The measurement of the % of RBC in the total blood volume.
Normal Hematocrit values? 42-52% male 37-47% female Pregnant women have lower values due to higher blood volume.
Normal Red Blood cells CBC for a male? RBC 4.7-6.1 Hgb 14-18 Hct 42-52%
Normal Red Blood cells CBC for female? RBC: 4.2-5.4 Hgb: 12-16 Hct: 37-47%
WBC Differential Norms? Neutrophils: 55-70% Lymphocytes: 20-40% Monocytes: 2-8% Eosinophils: 1-4% Basophils: 0.5-1%
Platelet Normal Values? 150000-400000/mm3
What is the danger of an elevated platelet count? What is the critical value? Causes? Potentially fatal blood clot. > 1 million mm3 Causes: Polycythemia Vera (malignant hyperproduction of all cells by bone marrow, RA, Potssplenectomy syndrome
What is the danger of a low platelet count? What is the critical value? Causes? Uncontrolled bleeding. <50,000 Causes: Trauma, thrombocytic malagnancies, inherited disorders, chemo, DIC
What does Mean Platlet value (MPV) measure? Volume of platlets relative to plasma. helps diagnose thrombocytopenic disorders.
Normal MPV? 7.4-10.4 fl
What is normal prothrombin time? Critical value? 11-12.5 seconds > 20 seconds
What is ALT testing for? Alanine amniotransferase. An enzyme found in the Liver; best test for detecting hepatitis and measures progress of disease.
What are normal ALT values? 4-36 units/L
What does AST test measure? Aspartate Amniotransferase--an enzyme found in the Liver and a few other places, particularly the heart and skeletal muscles. When there is injury to these tissues, cells lyse and the AST level in the bloos stream rises.
What might elevated AST indicate? Liver disease or Heart disease, can indicate an AMI. (When AST levels are increased in presence of CPK, it indicates myocardial damage)
Normal AST value? 0-35 units/L
What test indicates Gallstones or extrahepatic duct obstruction or extensive liver metastasis? Direct Billirubin
What is normal value of total bilirubin and direct bilirubin? Total: .3-1 mg/dl direct: .1-.3 mg/dl
What does Albumin do? Protein made in the liver that maintains osmotic pressure in the vascular system.
What is normal Albumin level? 3.5-5 g/dl
What is normal value of TSH? 2-10 microunits/ml
High levels of TSH (greater than 10 m/ml) indicate? Primary hypothyroidism
Low levels of TSH indicate? (less than 2 m/ml) Hyperthyroidism
Normal value of Thyroxine? 0.8-2.8 ng/dl
Causes of high T4 (greater than 2.8) Primary hyperthyroidism (graves, thyroid tumor), Acute throiditits
Causes of low T4? (less than 0.8) Hypothyroidism, Pituitary or hypothalmic insufficency, Iodine insufficency
Normal value of T3? 70-205 ng/dl?
Increased levels of T3 indicate? (greater than 205) Primary hyperthyroidism (graves, thyroid tumor), Acute throiditits
Low levels of T3 indicate? (less than 70) Hypothyroidism, Pituitary or hypothalmic insufficency, Iodine insufficency
Normal Fasting Glucose? Critical Values? <110 mg/dl Critical values: <40 or >400mg/dl
Calcium test evaluate what? Parathyroid function
Normal Calcium values? 9.0-10.5 mg/dl
S/Sx of hypocalcemia? tetany, cardiac dysrhythmia, heart failure
S/Sx of hypercalcemia? Anorexia, n/v, somnolence
Normal lab value for Sodium? 136-145 mEq/L
Normal Lab value for Potassium? 3.5-5 mEq/L
BUN measures? Renal function and indirectly, liver function. When proteins are taken in, they are broken down into amino acids. In the liver, these amino acids are catabolized and ammonia is created as a result of that. The ammonia molecule combines to form urea
Normal BUN 10-120 mg/dl
Critical BUN? >100mg/dl
What does HbA1c test for? the average bloos sugar over a 4 month period.
What is the PSA test? What age recommended? Prostate Specific Antigen-screens for Prostate cancer. Recommended for men over 50 y.o. and AA men over 40 y.o.
Normal values for Lipid Panel? total cholesterol: Trigycerides: HDL: LDL: total cholesterol: <200 mg/dl Trigycerides: <180 mg/dl HDL: >40 mg/dl LDL: <100 mg/dl
What is the prefered ratio of HDL to LDL 4 (or less): 1
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