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Cochlear Implant Used to transmit external sound directly to 8th cranial nerve to treat sensorineural deafness
Mastoidectomy Removal of diseased bone, mastoid air cells, and soft tissue lining the air cells
Myringotomy Surgical opening made in the tympanic membrane to release fluid from the middle ear to allow equalization of pressure between middle ear and outside
Stapedectomy Reconstruction of the ossicles to restore conduction to the oval window due to sclerosis of the stapes
Tympanoplasty Surgical removal of cholesteatoma and mastoid bone
Choanal Atresia Congenital disorder where back of nasal passage is blocked
Nasal Anstrostomy Procedure to clear the sinus surgery by removing damaged mucosa
Polypectomy Surgeon uses forceps or derider to remove polyps
Septoplasty Surgical manipulation of the septum to return it to correct anatomical position or to gain access to sphenoid sinus for removal of pituitary tumor
Turbinectomy Removal of bony turbinate to increase airflow through nose
Parotidectomy Surgical removal of a parotid gland for the treatment of a neoplasm
Radical Neck Dissection Removal of all cervical lymph nodes and surrounding structures including spinal accessory nerve, internal jugular vein and sternocleidomastoid muscle
Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty Reconstruction of the uvula and oropharynx to reduce and tighten oropharyngeal tissue
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