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Dacryocystorhinostomy Creation of permanent opening in the tear duct for the drainage of tears
Muscle Resection Surgical shortening of eye muscles to pull the globe into the correct position
Muscle Recession Surgery in which the eye muscle is moved back to release the globe
Rhegamatogenous Detachment Retinal detachment from pigment epithelial layer fixed by scleral buckling
Trabeculectomy Performed to create a channel from which the aqueous humor may drain from the anterior chamber to treat glaucoma
Enucleation Complete removal off the eyeball
Evisceration Contents of eyeball are removed but outer shell of the sclera and muscle attachments are left intact
Entropion Abnormal inversion of lower eyelid
Ectropion Drooping of lower eyelid
Iridectomy Removal of a section of iris tissue to reestablish communication between anterior and posterior chambers
Strabismus Correction Recession - Vertical Resection - Lateral
Exotropia Wall eyes
Amblyopic Lazy eyes
Esotropia Crossed eyes
Keratoplasty Replacing cloudy or damaged tissue with healthy donor tissue through corneal transplant
Anesthesia for Ophthalmic Surgery Regional, topical, local or peribulbar nerve block General for pediatric patients
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