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Business HR

Recruitment & Selection

4 steps to Recruitment? Job analysis - Job description - Person specification - Advertise job
Job Anaylsis? Before a job can be advertised it must be analysed and seen if the work load needs to be shared amongst remaining employees or no longer needed.
Job Description? This lists all of the duties that will be involved in the role such as, job title,pay,location hours and conditions of work.
Person Specification? Outline skills, qualifications, experiences and qualities that the ideal candidate should possess.
The 2 ways to advertise the job? Internal - Advertised for people who are already working for the company. External - Advertised for Outside the company.
3 Advantages of EXTERNAL recruitment? Larger range of people can apply for the job - New fresh ideas and skills brought to the business - The business name is more thought off
3 Disadvantages of EXTERNAL recruitment? Very expensive/More costly - Can lower staff moral as there is less chance for promotion - More time consuming
3 Advantages of INTERNAL recruitment? No introduction training needed - Less expensive form of recruitment - Strengths&weaknesses of employee already identified - Employee already know the expectations and has knowledge on the business.
3 Disadvantages of INTERNAL recruitment? Lack of new ideas and skills brought in - Someone more qualified/experienced may be excluded from applying - Another job vacancy will arise and will need to be filled
Selection Process? A business chooses suitable candidates from those who have applied.
Selection process includes? Receiving/reading applications / Interviews / Testing / Assesments
Application Forms? Relevant information the business will design to suit the job such as Name,adress,Qualifications,Employment history and specific questions
Types of interviews? One to one - Group Interviews - Panel interviews
Contract of employment? Issued within 2 months from start date, containing important information related to the job - Hours,tempoary or permanent ,Title,Holidays
Type of Contracts? Full Time / Part Time / Fixed Term / Permanent
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