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Leukocytes Unit

WBC Morphology

Cell Name Reference RangesNuclear CharacteristicsCytoplasmic Characteristics
Eosinophil 1-7% Typically bi-lobed (up to 3); each lobe is fuller; blue/purple Pink/orange/red granules, large, crystalline/shiny; mainly in cytoplasm
Basophil 0-2% 3-5 lobes; purple/blue; difficult to see, obscured by granules Purple/blue/black granules, variable sizes; throughout cytoplasm & over nucleus
Lymphocyte 22-44% Round, dense; purple/blue Scant in volume; sky blue; occasional red granules
Reactive Lymphocyte 22-44% Dark blue, loose, large, irregular shape Abundant in volume, sky blueISH, amoebic shape; vacuoles, darkens when against RBCs
Monocyte 1-10% Round/kidney shaped; can be deeply indented or have 2 or more lobes; lacey chromatin pattern Blue-gray w fine granulation "ground glass"; vacuoles are common
Neutrophils 40-75% 3-5 lobes, held together by thin filaments; purple/blue Azur (Purple/pink/blue) granules, small; mainly in cytoplasm
Band Neutrophils 40-75% no lobes, no pinching, blue/purple Same as Neutrophils
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