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Lymphocyte Unit

Types of Lymphocytes: Their Functions & Immunophenotypic Markers

Cell TypeFunctionMarkers
T Suppressor Cell Switch off both B & T Lymphocytes attack mode when infection is over and recovery is done CD2, CD5, CD7, CD8, CD3
Mature B Lymphocyte Synthesis & release immunoglobulins (antibodies) Antibody Functions (Pathogen & Toxin Neutralization)(Classical compliment activation) (Opsonin promotion of phagocytosis & pathogen elimination. CD19, CD20, CD22 Bright, CD45 Bright, SmIgM
B Lymph Plasmocyte Responsible for synthesis and excretion of immunoglobulins; Produce antibody specific to antigen that triggered the response. CD19, CD20, CD45, CyIg, CD38, CD138, CD56 Low
NK Lymphocyte - CD56 Dim Produce increased levels of cytokines & chemokines; more effective in antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) & natural antibody-independent cytotoxicity CD56 Dim
NK Lymphocyte - CD56 Bright Major cytokine producers when stimulated by proinflammatory cytokines (eg, IL-12, IL-15, & IL-18) that are stimulated by monocyte-derived cytokines; produces interferon gamma (kills & inhibits pathogens) CD56 Bright
T Helper Cell Produce cytokine & chemokine to integrate immune response Stimulate B Lymphs antibody production; recruit the phils (Neutro, Eosino, and Baso) and macrophages to inflammation site for phagocytosis; Sensitized T cells protect against infections CD2 , CD5, CD7, CD4, CD3, CD38
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