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Presrciption Drugs

Top 50 (by sales)

Lipitor Cholesterol
Zocor Cholesterol
Advair/Seretide Asthma (Steroid & Broncodialator) used to prevent asthma attacks. It is also used to prevent flare-ups or worsening of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) associated with chronic bronchitis and/or emphysema.
Norvasc Hypertension
Zyprexa Schizophrenia
Nexium Gastrointestinal disorders
Procrit/Eprex Anemia
Zoloft Depression
Effexor Depression
Plavix Thrombotic events
Celebrex Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
Fosamax Osteoporosis
Diovan and Co-Diovan Hypertension
Risperdal Schizophrenia
Cozaar and Hyaar Hypertension
Neurontin Seizures
Pravachol Cholesterol
Singulair Asthma
Epogen Anemia (Hematopoietic)
Prevacid GI disorders
Aranesp Anemia
Lovenox/Clexane Deep-Vein Thrombosis
Remicade Rheumatoid Arthritis
Plavix/Iscover Thrombotic events
Duragesic Pain
Avandia & Avadamet Type 2 Diabetes
Seroquel Schizophrenia
Prilosec/Losec GI disorders
Paxil/Seroxat Depression
Enbrel Rheumatoid Arthritis
Mevalotin Cholesterol
Allegra/Telfast Allergic Rhinitis
Zithromax Bacterial Infections
Taxotere Cancer
Ambien/Stilnox Insomnia
Neulasta` Neutropenia
Rituxan Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Viagra Erectile Dysfunction
Actos Type 2 Diabetes
Gleevec/Gilvec Leukemia
Protonix GI disorder
Eloxatin Colorectal Cancer
Pantozol GI disorder
Vioxx Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis (taken off market in 2004 due to safety concerns.
Takepron GI disorders
Avonex M.S.
Topomax Seizures
Zofran Nausea and Vomiting
Toprol-XL/Seloken Hypertension
Wellbutrin Depression
Lipitor/atorvastatin drug class class of drugs: statins, which includes lovastatin (Mevacor), simvastatin, (Zocor), fluvastatin (Lescol), and pravastatin (Pravachol). Prevents production of cholesterol in the liver by blocking HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme that makes cholesterol.
Zocor/Simvastatin drug class Simvastatin is a cholesterol-lowering drug. It belongs to a class of drugs called HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, commonly called "statins."
Advair drug class Advair contains fluticasone and salmeterol. Fluticasone is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid, salmeterol is a bronchodialator of the beta-2 agonist type,
Norvasc drug class calcium channel blockers. These medications block the transport of calcium into the smooth muscle cells lining the coronary arteries and other arteries of the body.
Neurontin/Gabapentin drug class Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant that is used for preventing seizures and for treating postherpetic neuralgia.
Hyzaar and Cozaar drug class Hyzaar is a combination of losartan (Cozaar) and hydrochlorothiazide and is used for treating high blood pressure. For more information, please see the information for each of the two component drugs.
Risperidone drug class Risperidone is an atypical antipsychotic drug that is used for treating schizophrenia, bipolar mania and autism.
Valsartan drug class Valsartan with hydrochlorothiazide (Co-Diovan) is restricted for people with hypertension not controlled with valsartan,
Flosamax drug class Bisphosphonates. These drugs are used for treating osteoporosis (reduced density of bone that leads to fractures) and bone pain from diseases such as metastatic breast cancer, multiple myeloma, and Paget's disease.
Celebrex/Celecoxib drug class Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used to treat arthritis, pain, menstrual cramps, and colonic polyps. Celecoxib blocks the enzyme that makes prostaglandins (cyclooxygenase 2), resulting in lower concentrations of prostaglandins.
PLAVIX drug class Clopidogrel bisulfate is an anti-platelet drug. Clopidogrel bisulfate is used to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients with peripheral vascular disease or history of heart attack or stroke
Effexor/Venlafaxine drug class : Venlafaxine is in a new class of anti-depressant medications that affects chemical messengers within the brain. These chemical messengers are called neurotransmitters, and some examples are serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.
Zoloft drug class Sertraline belongs to a class of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Other drugs in this class are Prozac (fluoxetine), Paxil (paroxetine), Celexa (citalopram) and Luvox (fluvoxamine).
Procrit/Epogen drug class Epoetin alfa is a man-made, injectable drug for treating anemia. It stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.
Nexium/esomeprazole drug class Esomeprazole is in a class of drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) which block the production of acid by the stomach. Other drugs in the same class include omeprazole (Prilosec), lansoprazole (Prevacid), rabeprazole (Aciphex)
Zyprexa/Olanzapine drug class Used to treat schizophrenia and acute manic episodes associated with bipolar I disorder. Olanzapine is an atypical antipsychotics. Other members of this class include clozapine (Clozaril), risperidone (Risperdal)
Pravachol/Pravastatin drug class HMG-CoA reductase Inhibitors, commonly called "statins". Oral drug for lowering cholesterol in the blood. It has been shown to reduce the occurrence of heart attacks, strokes and death caused by coronary heart disease.
Singulair/Montelukast drug class Oral leukotriene receptor antagonist for treatment of asthma and seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever). Leukotrienes are a group of naturally occurring chemicals in the body that promote inflammation in asthma and seasonal allergic rhinitis.
Prevacid/Lansoprazole drug class Proton pump inhibitors (PPI) which block the production of acid by the stomach. Other drugs in the same class include rabeprazole (Aciphex), omeprazole (Prilosec), pantoprazole (Protonix), and esomeprazole (Nexium).
Aranesp drug class Erythropoiesis-stimulating agent
Lovenox/Clexane drug class a low molecular weight heparin. Like heparin, prevents blood clots from forming. It works by blocking the action of two of the 12 proteins in blood (factors X and II) whose action is necessary in order for blood to clot. Treats DVT.
Remicade drug class Infliximab is an antibody that blocks the effects of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha). b By blocking the action of TNF-alpha, infliximab reduces the signs and symptoms of inflammation. Retards destruction of joints by RA
Duragesic/Fentanyl drug class Fentanyl is a potent synthetic (man-made) narcotic. Fentanyl stimulates receptors on nerves in the brain to increase the threshold to pain, and reduce the perception of pain
Avandia drug class Rosiglitazone is an oral drug that reduces the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. It is used for treating patients with type 2 diabetes and is in a class of anti-diabetic drugs called thiazolidinediones.
Avadamet drug class Used to control blood sugar levels in people with type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes. It contains two drugs commonly used to lower blood sugar, rosiglitazone and metformin. Avandamet replaces the need to take these two drugs separately.
Seroquel/Quetiapine drug class is an oral antipsychotic drug used for treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Enbrel/Etanercept drug class An injectable drug that blocks tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha) and is used for treating rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and psoriatic arthritis.
Neulasta drug class Neulasta stimulates the bone marrow and promotes the growth of white blood cells called neutrophils in your body. Used to treat neutropenia, caused by receiving cancer chemotherapy. Neulasta is used in people with cancers other than bone marrow cancer.
Rituxan/Rituximab drug class An IV drug used to treat RA and B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It belongs to a class of drugs called monoclonal antibodies. Rituximab is thought to attach to the CD20 receptor and cause the tumor cells to disintegrate (lyse).
Avonex drug class Interferons. Interferons direct the immune system's attack on viruses, bacteria, tumors and other foreign substances that may invade the body. Avonex used to treat patients with relapsing forms of MS to slow the accumulation of physical disability.
Takepron drug class A drug of the proton pump inhibitor class.
Topomax/topiramte drug class opiramate is an oral drug that is used to prevent the seizures of epilepsy. (It is an anti-epileptic or anti-seizure drug). It is used primarily among patients who are not controlled by other anti-epileptic drugs.
Drugs ending in -pril Ace inhibitors
Action of Ace inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor agonists Prevents angiotensin access to receptor sites prevents vasoconstriction and lowers BP.
Drugs ending in -olol Beta Blockers
Action of Beta Blockers block norepinepherine and epineperhine from binding to Beta cell on nerves. Causes slower heart rate, decreased cardiac output, which lowers BP
Drugs ending in -sartan Angiotensin II receptor agonists
Action of Calcium channel blockers Calcium is essential for muscle contraction, CCB prevent Calcium from entering muscle cells. This lowers heart rate and lessons strength of heart contractions. Also causes vasodilation
Verapimil Heart rhythm abnormalities that manifest with very rapid heart rates. (Calcium channel blocker)
Drugs anding in -ide Diuretics
action of diuretics lower total blood volume through promoting urination. Lowering blood volume decreases cardia workload and reduces blood pressure.
What herb should be used with caution with warfarin? Xian He Cao
Acyclovir Antiviral
Zovirax Antiviral
Drugs ending in -zole Proton Pump inhibitors
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