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禮多人不怪 You could never be too polite lǐduōrénbúguài
禮數 courtesy lǐshù
纖維 fiber xiānwéi
果膠 pectin guǒjiāo
恰當 proper qiàdàng
鬧笑話 to make a fool of oneself nào xiàohuà
紅棗 jujubes/ dates hóngzǎo
早生貴子 a wish to have a baby soon after getting married zǎoshēngguìzǐ
to separate sàn
滿月 a baby's being one-month old mǎnyuè
分送 to distribute fēnsòng
紅蛋 red-dyed boiled eggs Hóngdàn
油飯 glutinous oil rice yóufàn
意味 to mean yìwèi
圓滿無缺 complete and perfect yuánmǎnwúquē
生生不息 endless and vital shēngshēngbùxí
豐衣足食 having ample food and clothing fēngyīzúshí
寧可~,也~ would rather Níngkě ~, yě ~
~不僅~,還有~ ~not only~, but also~ ~bùjǐn~, hái yǒu ~
~跟~有關 ~to related to~ ~gēn ~yǒuguān
千萬別/不~ As an adverb, the term is used to command someone not to do something Qiānwàn bié/bù ~
~,~則~ This pattern compares the characteristics of two things. It means "~, while~" or "on the other hand, ~" in English. ~,~zé ~
尷尬 embarrassed gāngà
諧音 homophonic characters xiéyīn
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