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OT Kines Hand

OT kinesiology hand Quiz Prep

How any actions does the CMC joint perform? 6
What kind of joint is the thumb MCP and IP Uniaxial
What kind of joint is the CMC joint of the thumb? Saddle, biaxial
what kind of joint is the CMC finger joint? nonaxial, synovial
what kind of joint is the MCP joint? biaxial, condyloid joint (knuckles)
what two ligaments make up the flexor retriculum? palmar carpal ligament/ tranverse carpal ligament
what is the function of the flexor retriculum? hold tendons close to wrist and prevent carpal bones from spreading out
what is the function of the extensor retinaculum ligament? holds EXTENSOR tendons close towards wrist during wrist extension
what is the function of the extensor expansion ligament? extensor hood, connection to DIP, keeps extensor tendon in midline
what creates hand arches? shaped by bones and ligaments
what is the function of hand arches? to permit different grasps
which muscle originates on the lateral epicondyle, acts to extend all 3 finger joints, and innervates on radial nerve? extensor digitorum muscle
do the extensors or the flexors innervate on the radial nerve? extensors (extensor indicis, extensor digitorum, extensor minimi)
what are the intrinsic muscles of the hand used for? precision or fine motor
what are the 3 divisions of the intrinsic muscles? thenar eminence / hypothenar eminence/ palm (deep palm)
what innervates the intrinsic muscles? median nerve
what is the function of the palmaris brevis? deepens hollow in palm
Do the muscles on the dorsal side extend or flex? extend
Do the muscles on the anterior (ventral) side flex or extend? flex
what happens with swan neck deformities? FLEX of MCP, hyperextension of PIP, FLEX of DIP (FHEF)
what happens with boutonniere deformity? EXT of MCP, FLEX of PIP, EXT of DIP (EFE)
what happens with trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis) becomes locked in flexion, baseball injury, sheth or tendon swells