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Herb/Drug Interact

Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Exterior-Releasing Herbs Sedatives, as in alcohol... Antibiotics: Antibiotic may be potentiated by Exterior-Releasing herbs and drugs together. Diuretics: Some RE herbs promote urine
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Heat Clearing Herbs ( Antibiotic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory are the characteristics of Heat clearing herbs. Generally not known to interact with drugs.) Antibiotics: synergistic effect may potentate other. Good for microorganism that are drug resistant. No Ciproflaxin and Pu Gong Yin together:decreases absorption of Cipro. Anti-hypertensives: Some heat Clearing herbs lower BP. Careful together.
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Downward Draining: Caution with pharmaceutical laxatives and diuretics. These Herbs effectively treat constipation, but used improperly with pharms can cause diarrhea, dehydration, & electrolyte imbalance. Monitor for spasms or cramps.
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Wind-Damp Dispelling: Analgesics and anti-inflammatory: Wind-Damp herbs are analgesics and anti-inflammatory, but no evidence exists of adverse herb/drug Anti-platelets and Anti-coagulants: Du Huo mildly inhibit platelet aggregation: Caution Sedatives
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Aromatic Transform Damp: Anti-Ulcer: Caution w/ patients taking histamine-2 receptor antagonists (such as Ranitidine or Famotidine) or Proton-Pump Inhibitors (such as omeprazole or lansoprazole) Anti-platelets & Anti-coagulants: Hou Po, Sha Ren have anti-coaugulent properties
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Drain Damp Herbs: Diuretics
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Warm Interior Herbs: Cardiovascular Agents: Herbs have inotropic (ie affect force of muscle contract) & chronotropic effect, ex Fu Zi. don't use it cardiovascular dx (arrythmia) or meds like digoxin or thyroid supplment. Anti-ulcer: herbs increase GI acid ex Ding Xiang
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Qi Regulating Herbs: Antiulcer drugs: May stimulate GI acid Sympathomimtetics: Herbs: Qing Pi, Chen Pi, Zhi Shi, Zhi Ke, stim. sympathetic nerve system. Caution w/ HTN, DM, hyperthyroid drugs & Seizures Cardiovascular agents: herbs may increase or decrease BP. Caution CV m
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Digestive Herbs: Anti-Ulcer: Many digestive herbs stimulate GI acid. Caution w/ patients taking histamine-2 receptor antagonists (such as Ranitidine or Famotidine) or Proton-Pump Inhibitors (such as omeprazole or lansoprazole)
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Antiparasitic Herbs: No documented Herb/Drug interaction. However Herbs are toxic, be careful of long term use.
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Stop Bleeding Herbs: Anti-platelets & Anti-coagulants: Caution in patient with clotting disorders. May counteract the effect of Anti-platelets & Anti-coagulants drugs
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Blood Moving Herbs: Anti-hypertensives: Dilates blood Vessels, may cause hypotension with drugs Anti-platelets & Anti-coagulants: May cause prolonged bruising/bleeding Analgesics: Herbs with analgesic effect may cause drowsiness/increase sedative effect of drugs & alcoho
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Resolve Phlegm and Stop cough and wheeze These Herbs are used for their expectorant, antitussive and antiasmatic effects. No reported or documented cases of drug/herb interaction.
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Shen Calming Herbs: Sedatives: These herbs are sedating and tranquilizing. Use with Caution with alcohol use, antihistamines, benzodiazopines, opioid analgesics, barbituates
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Liver Calming and Wind Extinguishing herbs Sedatives: Herbs with antiseizure and antipileptic action may induce drowsiness, use with caution w/ patients using: antihistamines, benzodiazopines, opioid analgesics, barbituates Antihypertensives: May lower BP
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Qi Tonics: Immunosuppressants: Caution organ transplant or autoimmune disorders Hormones: Caution hormone supplementation ie insulin, steroids, sex hormones. Cardiovascular agents: Some herbs may raise or lower BP. Caution patient on BP drugs
Potential Herb/Drug Interactions for Astringents Herbs: Absorption: May bind with pharmaceuticals and decrease absorption of drugs. Administer herbs separate than drugs w/ gap of 2-3 hrs. Esp: Chi Shi Zhi
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