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KIN 3600

Lec 14

Anaerobic Threshold power output & oxygen consumption that increase blood lactate concentration w/ an increase incremental exercise
What is mass? quantity of matter in an object
Mass & gravity force
Work How much force applies across a distance
Power Rate or work -Unit time = 1 second
How much work are you doing in 1 second? 1NM (1J) = 1 Watt (W)
What is metabolism? Arithmetic sum of energy exchanged during all the energy transformation process in an organism
What is arithmetic sum? Some energy liberated, other energy transformation require energy
Metabolic rate (energy expenditure) Amount of energy liberated due to exergonic (+) reactions (-) Synthesize Endergonic reaction
Direct Calorimetry The rate of energy expenditure may be measured by measuring the rate of heat liberated by the body during rest or during various physical activities
there is a direct linear relationship between what? between the rate of heat liberated by the body and the metabolic rate
Metabolic rate water flow rate X (water temp out – water temp in)
Indirect Calorimetry The amount of energy transformed per unit of oxygen used will also be different when utilizing CHOs as opposed to fats
Energy equivalent of Oxygen Amount of energy transformed in organism per unit of O2 consumed
Energy equivalent of O2 when pure carbohydrates utilized 5.05 kcal/L O2 consumed
The Energy equivalent of O2, when pure fats are utilized is 4.7 kcal/L O2 consumed
Respiratory Quotient (RQ) Ratio of the rate of CO2 produced to oxygen consumed -1CO2 : 1O2 -RQ = 1
Respiratory Exchange Ratio (R) Ratio of rate of CO2 expired to O2 consumed R = Vco2 / Vo2
If R is unknown 4.82 or 5 Kcal∙LO2-1 is used in the calculations of energy expenditure
Basal metabolic rates (BMR) the rate of energy expenditure during absolute rest
Factors Affecting BMR -Weight -Body Surface Area -Age & Gender -Fitness level -Body composition -Genetics -Metabolic disease (hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism)
Basal O2 Consumption at rest (BMR) value is unknown 3.5 ml·kg-1·min-1 is used for the calculations of energy expenditure
Metabolic Equivalent (MET) 1 MET is the rate of resting energy expenditure or the rate of resting O2 consumption -
1 MET 3.5
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