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KIN 3600

Lec 13

Anaerobic Threshold power output & oxygen consumption that increase blood lactate concentration w/ an increase incremental exercise
^ power output blood lactate stays same
^ further power ^ blood lactate until fatigue
when is Lactate is produced? ALL LEVELS OF EXERCISE
LTR is ^ several folds during exercise which blood HLA remains the same
^ production did not result an ^ in blood lactate concentration
glycerolphorphate shuttle Transport H+ from NADH+H+ to the mitochondrial membrane resulting in the HLA (Epinephrine, Thyroxin, Glucagon, Cortisol)
^ production of lactate concentration is not related to lack of O2 in mitochondria … b/c of excessive of hormone stimulation in glycogenolysis
v removal of lactate ^ blood lactate concentration
why does the v removal of lactate = ^ blood lactate concentration to do with lactate acid removing organs to the skeletal muscles which are involved in lactate production
Fast-Twitch Glycolytic muscle fibers - ^ Force production -Produce lactic acid ^ (no lack of oxygen) - ^ intensity = ^fibers
OBLA stands for Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation
what is OBLA imbalance between lactate production and removal
If exercise intensity is below or @ OBLA the exercise may be maintained for a long time
If exercise intensity is above the OBLA The fatigue is near prediction
VO2 max is a best indicator of maximal aerobic power
VO2 MAX is Not best indicator of endurance performance
Relative OBLA = absolute OBLA / maximum consumption x 100
High endurance trained individual who also have the talent of a world class runner soon can have lactate threshold which is at 92-95% of maximal oxygen consumption - Means this person can run 95% of its aerobic power without getting tired - Almost maximal speed w/o getting tired
Maximal oxygen consumption and OBLA predict performance accurately
Improvements in VO2 max 5-40% -3-6 months of endurance training then plateau
Is it possible to improve OBLA? YES, ^ lactate threshold during endurance training
Improvements in OBLA improvements progressively for years, even w/o Improvements in VO2 max
Ventilatory Threshold -How much air you breathe per min -Can test w/o blood but some people OBLA do not show
McArdle Syndrome lack of absence of glycogen phosphorylation
Ventilation threshold is unrelated to the blood lactate concentration
1 calorie is the heat energy required to 1kg of pure water by 1°C
1 kilocalorie 1000 calories
1kilo calorie 1000g H2O by 1°C
1 Newton Force that imparts acceleration of 1m-sec to a mass of 1kg
1 Nm Joule – a unit of work
1 Kcal 4186. 85 joules (J)
1 Nm·sec-1 1 Watt (W) or 1 J·sec-1
Metabolism is the arithmetic sum of the energy exchanged during all the energy transformation processes in an organism.
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