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scarlet letter

review part I and II

What must Hester stand on as part of her punishment? platform
Why must Hester stand on the platform? public atonement
Why must settlers be so careful with sin? Sin defaces them
Chillingworth learned medicine from the Indians
Who is the father of the baby? Dimmesdale
What is the punishment for Hesters sin? She must stand on the platform for 3 hours.
Pearl is a symbol of sin
Why would Hester hesitate in giving her baby the medicine from the stranger? She fears that the stranger will kill Pearl.
Describe the prison surroundings. Small,stark, few furnishings,dark,gloomy,lonely. She is situated in a loft/attic.
Hester is a general symbol of women's _______ and sinful __________. fragility and passion
How does Hester support herself? Needlework
How is Hester convinced that God is still her father in heaven? He brought Pearl into the world.
Where does Hester decide to live? In a cottage on the outskirts of town
Pearl is thought to be demon offspring
Who does Hester go to to ask to keep Pearl? Gov. Bellingham
For Hester, Pearl is both joy and pain. Why? Pain-constant reminder of sinJoy-symbol of love
How does the reverend punish himself? whipping himself
Does Dimmesdale accept Chillingworths assisstance as a physician? Yes
Chillingworth is able to get close to Dimmesdale by appearing as if he is taking care of him
According to Dimmesdale, when will a guilty person reveal their sin? upon death-judegment day
When will Dimmesdale publicly stand on the platform with Hester and Pearl? judgement day
What do they see as they stand on the platform? Scarlet A
What does Rev. Dimmesdale achieve with the people? popularity