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General Science (2019)

Joints that hold bones firmly together are called_______? Fixed joints
A Dekagram is______ than a Kilogram smaller that a kilogram
Broadest level of the 7 Kingdoms is______ and the Smallest level is________? Kingdom, Species
Which human organ is responsible for the detoxification of red blood cells? Liver
What type of star is our sun ? G Type
Carcinogens are chemicals that cause? Genome mutations
Mars atmosphere consist mostly of ? Carbon dioxide
Earths atmosphere consist mostly of ? Nitrogen
Name the classifications of plants that flower's_____ and the plants that have seed's but do not flower_______ Angiosperms, Gymnosperms
Degree of "Absolute zero"is _____________ -273 Celsius
A watt-house measure's________? how much electricity is converted
Law of gravitation discovered by who? Issac Newton
White bloods perform what task's in the body ? Produce antibodies and fight infections
what is kinetic energy? Energy possessed by a moving object
Where is the asteroid belt located in our solar system? Between Mars and Jupiter
Type of cloud that normally produces percipatation and storms? Nimbus clouds
what is Deoxyribonucleis also know as ? DNA
Three important properties of sound waves are ______.___________, and __________. Wavelength, Frequency, and Speed
How are molecules created? when atoms combine together
what two chemicals comprise 98% of almost all matter in the universe? Helium and Hydrogen
What are the seven kingdoms? 1-Kingdom 2-phylum 3-class 4-order 5-family 6-genus 7-species
what are bryophytes? Plants that do not have a vascular system and do not produce flowers or seeds. however, they reproduce by releasing spores such as lichen, liverwort, and moss.
Layers of Earths atmosphere from top to bottom Exosphere, Thermasphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Troposphere
Nervous system does what? Receives, Processes, and Responds to all physical stimuli
Circulatory system does what? Delivers oxygenate blood to and from the heart through the blood vessels
Respiratory system does what? Inhales air, uses oxgyen in the air to release energy and exhales carbon dioxide
Digestive system does what? Breaks down food into smaller substances and process into energy, also eliminates waste
Muscular system does what? allows organs to contract and allows bodily movement
Skeletal System does what ? supports the body muscles and organs; allow bone and joints to move
Reproductive system does what? Enables and controls the production of offspring
what does the nervous system consist of? Nerves and Brain
What does the Circulatory system consist of? Heart, Blood, Blood vessels
What does the Skeletal system consist of? Bones, joints, tendons
What does the digestive system consist of? Mouth, esophagus, stomach, Intestines, and anus
What does the respiratory system consist of? Nose, Nasal cavity, Trachea, and Lungs
Formula to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit? Formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius? F=9/5(C+32) ; C=5/9(F-32) /= Division ()= Multiply
Created by: Multimanny


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