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ABASHED embarrassment, ill at ease, disconnected, upset, humiliated, shaken up
ABYSS something very deep, empty space, gorge bottomless gulf, chasm, trench
ADVISABLE worthy of being recommended, appropriate, desirable, sensible, prudent
AFFLUENT wealthy, upscale, loaded, rich, upper class, upscale
AFFRONT an insult, offense
ALCOVE small room adjacent to or opening out of a larger room, nook, cubbyhole
ALLEGED asserted, often doubtful, suspect, supposed, questionable
ALLURE entice, charisma, temptation, temptation, charm
AMPLIFY to make larger or stronger, increase the size, augment, elaborate
ANTIPATHY strong dislike, disgust, loathing, hostility, antagonism
ANTIQUITY old object, ruin, relic, ancient
APPLICABLE appropriate, pertinent, useful, fitting, relevant
ARROGANT having exaggerated self-opinion, egotistic, bossy, conceited
ASSERTION stating something, positive or confident in a persistent way, declare, affirm
ASSESS evaluate, determine, appraise, estimate, judge
ASSUAGE soothe, relieve, pacify, calm, ease, appease, satisfy
ATOLL coral island, isle, reef
ATTENTIVE concentrating considerate, interested, alert, mindful
AUTHENTIC real, original, implies reliability and trustworthiness, genuine, reliable, accurate
BELLIGERENT argumentative, hostile, warlike, mean, fierce
BENEFACTOR donor, sponsor, contributed, philanthropist, humanitarian
BETROTHED the intend engaged, committed, spoken for
BRAZEN brash, bold, cocky, showing no shame, bold, impudent, defiant, insolent
CACOPHONY dissonance, harshness sound, noise, disharmony
CANVASS to poll, discuss issues, examine, scrutinize, analyze, solicit, survey
CHARGE supervisory responsibility, custody, management, oversight, management,
CHIVALRY valor, gallantry, courage, courtesy, valiance
CLERICAL member of the clergy, priestly, sacred, holy, churchly
COMPARISON contrasting, analogy, correlation, connection, likeness
COMPEL to force or constrain, as to do something, enforce, coerce
CONCEDE give in, to admit as true or valid, acknowledge, grant
CONJURE call to a place, gather, create out of thin air, call forth, make up,
CONTEXT circumstances, framework, conditions, substance
CONTRIVE invent, design, construct, develop, create, fabricate, carry out
DEFER to be put off until a later time, postpone, procrastinate, impede, block, hinder
DETEST to dislike intensely, hate, abhor, loathe, despise
DILEMMA crisis, an argument necessitating a choice between equally favorable alternatives
DISCORD noise, clamor, harshness, unrest, racket
DISCRETION caution, judgment, care, prudence, thoughtfulness, wariness, watchfulness
DISLODGE knock loose, disturb, extricate, displace
DIVERSE different, dissimilar, varied, diversified, different, various, unalike, distinct
DOMINEERING oppress, dominate, threaten, assume authority, intimidate, threaten
DREGS sediment, deposits, residue, waste, dirt, slag
DRONE a male bee or ant, unmanned aerial vehicle, person who is lazy, loafer, parasite
ECCENTRICITY strange, oddity,
ECSTASY state of being overpowered by emotion esp. joy, great enjoyment, bliss, paradise
EDDY current, moving with circular motion, whirlpool, swirl, tide
ENGENDER cause to happen, create, develop, generate, instigate, incite
ENIGMA mystery, inexplicable, perplexity, puzzle, question
ENLIGHTEN explain thoroughly, reveal, make aware, acquaint
EVENTUAL future, final, possible, succeeding, ensuing, inevitable
EXHORT urge, warn, counsel, persuade, advise, insist, plead
EXTOL sing the praises of, acclaim, glorify, brag about, glorify, commend, exalt
FALLACY illusion, misconception, mistake, deception, heresy, untruth
FATIGUE tiredness, burnout, weakness, exhaustion
FIASCO complete failure, a debacle, disaster, blunder, breakdown
FOMENT instigate, provoke, promote, stimulate, agitate, encourage
FORGE construct, form or make, compose, produce, engineer, manufacture
FRAUGHT full of, attended, filled, replete, stuffed, replete, heavy
GIRTH measurement around waist, circumference, distance around, compass
GUILE slyness, cleverness, craftiness, treachery, cunning, trickery, wiliness
HAPLESS unfortunate, cursed, miserable, unhappy, woeful, jinxed, unhappy
HARBOR hide, protect, conceal, provide refuge, shelter
HERESY unorthodox, opinion, disbelief, blasphemy, defection, error, fallacy, paganism
ILLEGIBLE unreadable, hard to make out, hieroglyphic, obscure, unclear, scrawled
ILLUSTRATIVE explanatory, clarifying, description, symbolic, typical
IMPARTIAL favoring no one side, undecided, neutral, unbiased, open-minded
IMPEDE to bar to hinder the progress of, obstruct or delay, hinder, disrupt, restrain
IMPERIAL regal, official, majestic, domineering, kingly
IMPERIL endanger, risk, menace, peril, expose
IMPERTINENT bold or impudent in speech or behavior, saucy, arrogant, brazen, impudent, impolite
IMPROBABLE not likely to happen or to true, doubtful, implausible, questionable, inconceivable
IMPUGN criticize, challenge, contradict, verbally, oppose
INCENDIARY causing trouble or damage, inflammatory, dangerous, treacherous, provocative
INCITE encourage, provoke, prompt, induce, agitate
INCUBATE hatch, nurture, produce, brood, breed
INDIGNANT angry, annoyed, exasperated, furious, mad, irate, furious
INFLEXIBLE unbending, stiff, rigid, firm in mind, stubborn, unyielding, adamant, steadfast
INGRATIATE get on a good side of someone, attract, flatter, grovel, seek favor, brownnoser
INQUISITIVE curious, desiring knowledge or understanding, inquiring, nosy, prying, scrutinizing
INTRANSIGENT uncompromising, inflexible, obstinate, adamant, stubborn, tenacious
INVARIABLE not changing, fixed, consistent, inflexible, unalterable
IOTA small bit, scrap, trace, atom jot, hint, particle, speck, mite
LACKADAISICAL careless, indifferent, apathetic, disinterested, inattentive
LEERY suspicious, cautious, careless, distrustful, skeptical, shy, wary
LUNGE pounce, charge, jump, pass, swing, swipe, thrust, cut, jab, spring
MALICIOUS hateful, nasty, spiteful, intentionally harmful, mean, awful, vengeful
MEAGER thin, lean, emaciated, poor quality or small amount, not full or rich, sparse, weak
MELANCHOLY depressed, sad, gloomy, sorrowful, unhappy, miserable, destroyed, dejected
MINION servile, dependent, Woods, lackey, flunky, brownnoser
MISCREANT person responsible for wrongdoing, convict, criminal, offender, diligent, evildoer
MYRIAD innumerable, countless, infinite, endless, multiple, uncounted, variable
NEGLIGIBLE of no significance, petty, scanty, insignificant, trivial, small, minor, unimportant
NEMESIS bane, adversary, curse, opponent
NOCTURNAL happening in the night, active during the night, after dark, late nightly
NUANCE slight difference, shading, distinction, suspicion, distinction, gradation, implication
OBLIVIOUS unaware, ignorant, blundering, careless, distracted, dreamy, forgetful, inattentive
ONEROUS difficult, requiring hard labor, demanding, difficult, exhausting, hard, strenuous
OSTRACIZE exile, banish, avoid, shun, expel, exclude
PALATABLE delicious, agreeable, savory, appetizing, attractive, edible, scrumptious
PARAPHRASE interpret, translate, restate, summarize, reword, transcribe, deletable
PARRY ward off, circumvent, repel, avoid, block
PATRONIZE condescend, look down on, snub, treat as inferior, buy from or trade with
PHILANTHROPIST someone who makes charitable donations, donor, helper, patron, humanitarian
PICTURESQUE attractive, referring to scenery, beautiful, artistic, charm, colorful, photography
POLL voting, number, count, head count, election, computation, sum, numbering
POROUS full of pores or holes, filter, absorbent, having holes, sponge like, permeable
PORTLY bulky, fat, hefty, bee, broad, plump, overweight, husky
PREDESTINED predetermined, inevitable, foreordain, destined
PREFACE introduction, preliminary beginning, prologue
PRIMARY first in time or order of development, elemental, basic, fundamental, beginning
PRINCIPLED ethical, decent, fair, conscientious, honest, noble, honorable, righteous
PROMULGATE make known, disseminate, notify, broadcast, communicate, make public, notify
PRONOUNCEMENT declaration, articulation, report, announcement, notification, proclamation
PURSUE chase, follow, harass, persist, track
PURVIEW range of interest, domain, parameter, bounds, spectrum, area, domain, expanse
PUTTER to busy or occupy oneself in a leisurely, casual, dawdle, loiter, mess, dabble
QUIRK an abrupt twist or curve, an accident of fate, oddly, eccentricity, habit, mannerism
REPRIEVE relief of blame, pardon, absolution, acquittal, clemency, pardon, postponement
REPUGNANT bad, obnoxious, loathsome, disagreeable, nasty, offensive, repulsive
RESIDE to dwell in a long time, live in one's house, abide, consist, inhabit
REVIVE start again, awaken, recover, restore, animate
SAGA story, often long, epic, legend, adventure
SCRUTINIZE to look at very carefully, examine closely, inspect, examine, inquire into, probe
SEDENTARY motionless. lazy, sluggish, inactive, settled, idle, stationary
SEMINARY a theological school for training ministry, institute, society, system, university
SEQUEL something that follows something, follow-up, sequence, next, installment
SOLACE is a form of comfort given to one who is in sorrow or distress, relief, console
SPRAWLED sit or lie spread out, recline stretch, lounge, slouch, lie spread eagle, drape
SPRY moving quickly and lightly, active prompt spirited, vigorous, agile, quick, vigorous
SQUANDER use up, go through, waste, blow, fritter away
SQUEAMISH having a digestive system that is easily upset, queasy, dainty, nauseated, finicky
STINT period of responsibility, participation, term, consignment, assignment, term,
SUBMERGE dunk in liquid, inundate, sink, engulf
SUCCOR assistance, help, sustenance
SUPPLE bendable, flexible, springy stretchy, agile, elastic, limber, resilient
TABLOID regular, periodical, press weekly apery, containing information, gazette, journal
TENACIOUS strong, unyielding, persistent, stubborn, adamant, firm, persistent, resolute
TENET belief, principle, teaching, thesis, view, faith creed, doctrine, dogma,
THEORETICAL hypothetical, ideal, philosophical, abstract, academic, unproved
THORNY complicated, involved, problematical, complex, involved, perplexing, troublesome
TINCTURE coloring, shade, dye, pigment, tint, taint
TROUNCE defeat overwhelmingly, conquer, wallop, rout, overcome, beat, bash, crush
TYRANT person who dictates, absolute ruler, oppressor
VACCUUM emptiness, void, gap, free space, exhaustion, gap
VIGIL a purposeful or watchful staying awake, watchful guard, vigilance, observation
WAGER money or something gambled, bet, challenge, stake
WAN faint or weak in a way suggestive of sickness or great weariness, pale, colorless
YARN a tale or story especially that seems exaggerated or hard to believe, narrative
ZEALOT enthusiast, activist, fanatic, diehard



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