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The consequences were unexpected results
obliterate most likely means destroy
unison most likely means together
novice most likely means amateur
turmoil most likely means confusion
wary most likely means cautious
impair most likely means cause delay
ravage most likely means tear apart
evasive most likely means dodge
perpetual most likely means continuous
chide most likely means joke
cease most likely means halt
vague most likely means unclear
savory most definitely means tasty
inhabit most definitely means live in
small most definitely means tiny
Her goal is to complete five algebra classes aim
IN the principals office the boys began to fidget move about nervously
Gladiator most nearly means Warrior
Salary most nearly means wage
Massive most nearly means huge
Flaunt most nearly means show off
Hoist most nearly means lift
For a dog, he seems very choosy particular
My uncle was a coroner medical examiner
Clumsy most nearly means awkward
Revival most nearly means re-awakening
He heard the story firsthand from the source
Energetic most nearly means active
Fasten most nearly means lock
Many have tried to lift the Crown Jewels Steal
Operate most nearly means Work
The Students of Lincoln-High like their faculty Teachers
The Octopus wrapped its limber body around the rock. flexible
Broad most nearly means Wide
Habitat most nearly means Environment
The puppy was frail Weak
The company will utilize the truck use
Reform most nearly means correct
Mary faced the challenge with zest enthusiasm
Erosion most nearly means wearing away of soil
Prosperous most nearly means Successful
Defy most nearly means refuse to obey
Wheeze most likely means breathe with difficulty
Luminous most nearly means shining
Incinerate most nearly means Burns
She marveled at his elegant calligraphy penmanship
Inertia most nearly means resistance to change
Prestige most likely means Respect
Profane most likely means irreverent
Whim most likely means fanciful idea
Milestone most nearly means Important event
Stipulate most nearly means Specify
Lofty most nearly means high
Obscure most nearly means Make dim
The maid was very frugal thrifty
Thrift most likely means Able to save money
Corrugated most nearly means grooved
Vestibule most nearly means Entrance
Mercedes was treating her sister like a pawn Toy
On the jetty was a pile of logs Sea wall
Malign most nearly means slander
They listened intensely to the eulogy Religious Sermon
Satchel most nearly means Small Suitcase
There was a glut of food Overabundance
Porcelain most nearly means Ceramic
Her pride would not allow her to slander Lie Vicously
Vicious means Mean
The crown was jubilant after the trail delighted
Winded most nearly means out of breath
Jean had an unusual ailment illness
The clerk needs to replenish the order restock
Maul most nearly means Mangle
Mangle most likely means Tear apart
Immerse most nearly means Submerge
Boggy most nearly means Wet and muddy
Diagnosis most nearly means Conclusion
Although it was dirty, the Jeweler knew the diamond was genuine true
The speaker was very debonair Suave
Helm most nearly menas Steering Wheel
Haughty most nearly means Comical
Assessor most nearly means Appraiser
I visited my eccentric relative Peculiar
It was a momentous occasion Important
Involved most nearly means Complicated
Abdicate most nearly means Resign
All of his behavior seem to say that he is offish Unfriendly
Transpose most nearly means Carry or transfer
Grateful most nearly means Thankful
Fasting most nearly means Starving
Species most likely means Living groups
Liable most nearly means Responsible
Interrupt most nearly means Break in
Replicate most nearly means Duplicate
The news caused us to delay our trip postpone
Inflexible most nearly means Unchanging
Cataract most nearly means Eye Disorder
As the animals adjusted to their new environment, fewer perished died
Carcass most nearly means Dead body
He was an adept dancer Highly skilled
The passengers lived in bondage Captivity
Competent most nearly means Able
Economical most nearly means Thrifty
Shrine most nearly means Sacred Place
Levelheaded most nearly means Sensible
The reluctant child simply sat on the sofa Unwilling
They entered the hostile region inhospitable
Surmount most nearly means Overcome
The guard barred the prince blocked
The dog looked at the cat warily With caution
The grating noise from the street ended the meeting early. irritating
Vagrant most nearly means Nomadic
The scrappy youngster was not the teachers favorite. quarrelsome
Few people enjoy being in a quandary dilemma
Dilemma most likely means Complicated problem or situation
Accost most nearly means Confront boldly
Menagerie most nearly means Wild animals
Buy the portable radio Movable
Rookie most nearly means Beginner
Steve was unaccustomed to the school Unacquainted
Misty most nearly means Unclear
Expel most nearly means Force out
Fluorescent most nearly means glowing
Rodent most nearly means gnawing mammal
Actuality most nearly means Reality
The Chairperson of the committee was asked to step down resign
They faced hours of humorous duty Enjoyable
The president evaded the question on water pollution avoided
Avoided most likely means Side stepped
Joe worked as a notary witness to signature
Prance most nearly means Dance
All thumbs most nearly means Clumsy
Stricken most nearly means Overwhelmed
Bliss most nearly means Happiness
Impulsive most nearly means Unplanned
Interject most nearly means Place between
She had an impeccable reputation Flawless
Enunciate most nearly means Pronounce
Their despicable behavior will Vile
Gondola most nearly means Narrow boat
Jargon most nearly means Special Language
The rain will foil his plan Change
The rope was taut tight
Cite most nearly means Quote
On rainy days it is easy to become malcontent Dissatisfied
Incur most nearly means Subject to
Burnish most nearly means exhaust
Terry was the intricate group member Complicated
Cataract most nearly means Eye Disorder
Vicious most nearly means Fierce
Assessor most nearly means Appraiser
Immerse most likely means put under or completely in
Incentive most nearly means Motivation
Knead most nearly means Blend
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