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recip. engines

The part of the crankshaft on which the connecting rods ride crankpin
Tubes or thin sheet metal chambers installed in the throws of an aircraft engine crankshaft. sludge chambers
The part of the crankshaft that connects the crankpin to the main crankshaft journal. crank cheeks
The machined surfaces on the crankcase of an aircraft engine on which the cylinders are mounted cylinder pad
Used to secure an accessory, cylinder, etc mounting lugs
The condition that exists in a rotating body in which all of the rotating forces are balanced within themselves and no vibration is produced by the body in motion. dynamic balance
Generally used for the crankshaft, cam ring, camshaft, connecting rods, and the accessory drive shaft bearings.Subject to radial loads only. plain bearings
The hardened steel surface upon which anti-friction bearings rids. bearing race
The component in an internal combustion engine that connects the piston to the crankshaft. connecting rod
Areas between the ring grooves that support the rings as the piston moves. ring land
A clearance between the ring ends, measured to insure they do not touch. piston ring gap
Leakage of the air – fuel mixture or of combustion gases between a piston and the cylinder wall into the crankcase. blow by
Is free to rotate in both the piston and in the connecting rod piston-pin bearing. full floating piston pin
The diameter of the cylinder barrel. cylinder bore
A cylinder where the walls are to produce a smaller internal diameter at the top than at the bottom choke bore
An extremely hard, wear-resistant metal used for valve faces and stem tips stellite
A cap mounted on the exhaust valve tip to ease valve rotation during engine operation rotator cap
Keys that form a lock ring to hold the valve spring keepers or retaining washers in place split key
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