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Prescription A


FormulasDiagnosisActionsIndicationTounge & PulseCautions
Gui Zhi Tang Wind-Cold accom by Wei Qi Def Release PTF from muscle layer and regulate the Ying & Wei Qi Fever & Chill unrelieved by sweating, headache, aversion to wind, stiff neck, nasal congest, dry heaves, no particular thirst -Thin White & Moist Coating -Pulse Floating either moderate or frail -In case w/ extr cold & Inter heat, character by fever & thirst or sore throat w/ rapid pulse -It should be used w/ caution in summer or during spell of hot weather -if prescrib in case w/ heat, nose bleed may result
Sang Ju Yin Early stage of warm febrile disease Release Extr Wind-Heat, stop coughing by facilitate flow of Lu Qi Si Fever, cough, sl thirst -Thin White Coating -Floating Rapid Pulse -
Yin Qiao San Wind-Heat Disperse Wind-Heat, clear heat & relieve toxicity Fever, Sli or no chill, headache, thirst, sore throat Red-tip Thin white or thin Yellow coating -Floating Rapid Damp-heat
Xiao Qing Long Tang Extr Wind-Cold w/ Congest Fluid Releases the Extr, transf congested fluid, warm the Lu, direct Rebellious Qi downward Chill w/o sweating, coughing, wheezing, sputum that is copius, white, stringy & difficult to expectorate, a stifling sensation in chest, body ache, no thirst Moist Tongue Coating -Floating tight Pulse -In severe case also floating Edema or consider diffi breathing when lying down -
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang Extr Wind-Cold transf into Inter heat release PTF from muscle layer clear Inter heat Extr Wind-Cold presentation, increasing fever & decreasing Chills, headache, stiff extremities, orbital & eyes pain, dry Nasal Passage, Irritability, Insomnia Thin Yellow Tongue Coating -Floating Sli flooding Pulse this formula is inappropriate for simple extr wind-heat disorder
Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San Headache due to extern contracted Wind disperse wind and alleviated pain headache in any part of head accom by fever Chill, dizzy, nasal congest Thin white Coating -Floating Pulse 1. Contra In case of fever due to Sp & St Def 2. Cases of true cold & false heat 3. Use of this formula should be immediately stop if sign of H/A, stiff of neck, icy cold limbs, subjective sensation of cold or impairment of mental faculties occur
Ge Gen Tang External contracted Wind-Cold (Tai Yang Stage) with stiff neck and upper back release Exter and muscle layer, generate fluid Fever & Chills w/o sweating, stiff rigid neck & upper back Thin White Tongue Coating -Floating Tight Pulse -
Ren Shen Bai Du San wind-cold damp Invasion w/ constitutional Def release the Extr, disperse Wind & Dampness, Augment Qi High Fever & Severe Chill w/ shivering, absence of sweating, pain and stiff of head & neck, soreness & pain in extremities, focal distension full of chest, nasal congest w/ sonorous breathing, productive cough -Greasy White Coating -Floating soggy Pulse because of warm and dry properties of herbs important to know that this formula is for only extern contracted Wind-Cold-Dampness it's contra in case w/ heat
Ma Huang Tang Extr excess by Wind-Cold Release Extr cold and Arrest wheezing Fever & Chills(predominant) w/o sweating, headache, generalized body aches and wheezing -Thin White Coating -Floating, Tight -Patient w/ debility & copious urination -Patient who are prone to bleeding(nose) -Hypertension
Bai Hu Tang Yang Ming Jing (chnl) Syndrome Clear Qi-Level Heat, Drains St Fire, Generate Fluids, Alleviates Thirst 4 Big: High fever, Profuse Sweating, Severe thirst, Flooding Forceful Pulse. Aversion to heat, red face, irritability headache, toothache, gum/nose bleeding -red dry white/yellow coating -Flooding Forceful Slippery Rapid Pulse -
Qing Ying Tang heat enter the Nutritive Level clear the Nutritive level, relieve toxin, drain heat, nourish Yin High fever that worsen at night, severe irritability & restlessness, a scarlet, also be thirst, some delirium, some exhibit faint & indistinct Erythma & Purpura -Dry Tongue -Thin rapid Pulse -
Huang Lian Jie Du Tang Fire Toxin in all Three Jiao Drains fire, relieves Toxicity 1.High fevers, irritability, dry month & throat, incoherent speech, insomnia, dark urine 2.nosebleed, vomiting of blood due to Exc. Heat 3.carbuncles, deep-rooted boils, other Toxic Swelling 4.dysenteric disorders, jaundice due to Damp-heat -Tongue:Red with Yellow Coating -Pulse: Fast & Forceful 1. Patients w/ robust constitution should take this formula only in case of excess 2. Long-term usage will injure the Yin 3. In case of heat in Yin or Xue Level, utilization of this formula may easily damage the Yin
Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang Heat Lodged in Lungs Facilitate the Flow of Lung Qi, Clear heat, Calm Wheezing by directing Rebellious Qi Down Fever with/without sweating, thirst, wheezing, coughing, labored breathing, nasal flaring and pain -Tongue:Yellow Coating -Pulse: Slippery, Rapid Contra for wheezing due to cold & in case where pathogenic influences linger due to normal Qi Def
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Exc heat in Liver & Gallbladder, Damp-Heat Pouring Downward Drains Fire Exc from Liver & Gallbladder, Clear & drains Damp-heat from Lower Burner Hypochondriacpain,headache,dizzy,red and sore eyes, hear Loss, swell in ears, bitter taste in mouth, irri, short temp. diff & pain urin w/ sense of heat in urethra, swell & pruritic extn genitalia/foul smell leucor,mens cycle short and mens BL red-purple -Tongue: Red tongue with Yellow Coating -Pulse: Wiry, Rapid, Forceful Pulse can be Slippery Rapid This formula can harm spleen, it should therefore not be taken long-term or in large doses nor in case with Sp Def or injured fluids
Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang Heat Smoldering in Yin Regions of the Body (Lingering heat) Nourishes the Yin, Vents heat Night fever & Morning coolness with an absence of sweating as the fever recedes, emaciation with no Loss of Appetite -Tongue:Red with Little Coating -Pulse: Fine, Rapid Contra in the early stage of warm-febrile disease when the pathogenic influence is still in Qi Lever & also in case with spasm or convulsions
Ma Huang Tang Extr excess by Wind-Cold Release Extr cold and Arrest wheezing Fever & Chills(predominant) w/o sweating, headache, generalized body aches and wheezing -Thin White Coating -Floating, Tight -Patient w/ debility & copious urination -Patient who are prone to bleeding(nose) -Hypertension
Created by: djraspberry