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A Year Down Yonder

This stack is made for room 302 and 301.(Made by Little Arty)

What year does the book start in? 1937
How old is Mary Alice when she arrives? 15
Where does Grandma keep her shotgun? Behind the wood box
Who is Joey? Mary Alice's older brother
What government act employs Joey? The CCC
Where does Grandma take Mary when she arrives? The High School
What does Mary Alice take with her on the train.? A small trunk with clothes, a Philco radio, and Bootsie, her cat
Who is the school's principal? Mr. Fluke
Who sits next to Mary Alice when she arrives? Mildred Burdick
Why does Mildred want a dollar from Mary Alice? She believes Mary is lying about her old school
How does Grandma get back at Mildred? She unties her horse and puts her boots on it's back
How does Grandma make Bootsie settle in? She butters her paws
What is hung on the school bell tower as a prank? An old fashioned buggy
Why doesn't Grandma make gooseberry pie for the school party? She doesn't use canned food until the dead of winter.
How is Bootsie "pranked"? A can is tied to her tail
How does Grandma prevent her privy being tipped? She pours hot glue on the leader's head
Where does Grandma get her pecans for the pie? She takes them from old man Nyquist
How does Grandma get the pecans to fall? She hits the tree with a tractor
Where does Grandma get her pumpkins? The Pensigers' farm
Who is August Fluke Jr.? The principal's son, a mischief maker, and Grandma's glue victim
Where does the turkey shoot happen? The Abernathy farm
Why does Grandma go to the turkey shoot? To run the burgoo stand
What is burgoo? A stew made with anything you had on hand
What does Auggie Fluke do that gets him into trouble at the turkey shoot? He shoots a Buick's tire with a rifle
Why do the Legion Auxiliary Ladies serve burgoo? To raise money for the Abernathys
What happened to Mrs. Abernathy's son? He was shot and gassed up in the trenches
What does Mary Alice play in the Nativity scene? Mary, the mother of God
What does Grandma get Mary Alice for Christmas? Gunmetal shoes
What does Mary Alice get Grandma for Christmas nothing
What winter job does Grandma have? Fox hunting
Why does Grandma make Mary Alice a tin halo? To wear at the play so Carleen Lovejoy wouldn't outshine her
Who is Carleen Lovejoy? Mary Alice's classmate, the most "popular", and kind of mean
What grabs everyone's attention at the program? Mildred Burdick's baby was smuggled into the manger
What does Grandma use the fox furs' money for? To buy Joey and Mary Alice train tickets to Chicago
Who wrights newsy notes? Mary Alice Dowdel
How does Mary Alice get to Chicago? She takes the blue bird
What job does Mary Alice's parents get that puts them in
Created by: It'sartymydoods



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