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Zoonotic Gram Neg

The Lord will bless me! Aja!

aquired from animal reservoir and transmitted via vectors (mosquitos and ticks) Zoonotic gram neg
facultative intracellular encapsulated bacteria which is non motile and has an apperance of sand Brucella
Bang's disease Brucella
Undulant fever (Diurnal fever) Brucella
biphasic medium for brucella with agar and broth , growth in 3-4 weeks Castaneda bottles
reference method for the culture of anaerobe Wadsworth method
cows as reservoir B. abortus
pigs as reservoir B. suis
goats as reservoir B. mellitensus
dogs as reservoir b. canis
non motile from coccobacilli to long filamentous rods Pasteurella
bipolar staining ; musty or mousy odor o BAP ; normal flora of the respiratory tract (wound infection) Pasteurella multocida
causes tularemia Francisella tularensis
oculoglandular, faint bipolar staining Francisella tularensis
small zone of alpha hemolysis on glucose cysteine agar Franciscella tularensis
blue gray colonies to white round, smooth colonies on BCYE agar Francisella tularensis
bubonic plague and black death Yersenia pestis
safety pin appearance Yersenia pestis
fried egg appearance on OX bile medium Yersenia pestis
bull's eye colonies on CIN (Cefsulodin Irgasan) medium Yersenia enterocolitica
induces abortion in animals B. abortus
bite from dogs and cat Pasteurella multocida
unpasteurized milk ; enterocolitis arthritis Yersenia enterocolitica
wound infections Pasteurella multocida
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