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The Lord will bless me. Aja!

Gram negative related to respiratory system Haemophilus, Legionella and Bordetella (HLB)
from blood (Factor X) (blood loving organisms) Hematin
from yeast extract or culture of S. aureus NAD (factor V)
Pfeiffer's bacillus Haemophilus influenzae
encapsulated organisms of these bacteria that causes Meningitis (95%) and Acute Epiglotitis Haemophilus influenzae
type B capsule with polyribitol phosphate H. influenzae
chancroid soft chancre H. ducreyi
school of fish; smallest pathogenic bacteria H. ducreyi
Koch-Week's bacillus Haemophilus aegypticus
pink eye conjunctivitis H. aegypticus
human blood tween agar at 48hrs with beta hemolysis (clue cells) Gardnerella vaginalis
Whiff or Sniff Test 10% KOH + vaginal discharge
determines requirement for X factor ALA (Delta aminolevulinic acid)
D-ALA Negative organisms requiring X factor
D-ALA Positive organisms not requiring X factor
associated with airconditioner and water cooling systems Legionella
Legionnaire's pneumonia L.pneumophila
Pontiac fever L. pneumopila
Pittsburg pneumonia L. micdadei
Wiga's agent of pneumonia L. bozemanni
Dieterle silver stain L. pneumopila
3 media for L. pneumopila Buffered Charcoal Yeast Extract Agar, CA and Freeley Gorman Medium
Freely Gorman medium pigment color brown
discovered by Bordet and Gengou Bordetella
B. pertussis : patient is highly infectious antibiotics susceptible during this time catarrhal phase (1-2weeks)
antibiotic no effectivity Paroxysmal stage ( 2-10weeks)
whooping cough B. pertussis
drops of mercury B. pertussis
growth on charcoal cephalexin agar B. pertussis
Bordetella : peritrichious B. bronchioseptica
potato 20-30% blood and glycerol Bordet Gengou Agar
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