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What made the cattle drives profitable? Railroad - moo moos to the choo choo
How did the farmers fix cattle & piggies getting trampled by cattle drives riding through their ranges? Barbed Wire
Definitive marking on cattle that indicated who the cattle belong to? Branding
What are three facts about Buffalo Soldiers? 1) Discriminated against 2)Worked hard to build roads, forts and map Texas 3) Got their name from the Native Americans.
Who am I? Son of an American woman captured by the Comanche. I was the last Chief of the Comanche. I assimilated to (adopted) the American culture and convinced other Native Americans to do the same. Quanah Parker
An area of frequent conflict between settlers and Native Americans The Texas Frontier
Who is credited with creating cattle ranching in Texas? The Spanish
Spanish ranches were originally used for Providing food for people in the missions
the main job of a Texas cowboy Herding cattle with cattle drives
Who Am I: He was known for creating anti-trust laws to help regulate railroads in Texas. He regulated unfair business practices using Hogg Laws. He was the first governor of Texas who was born in Texas. James “Jim” Hogg
What was the purpose of James Hogg’s Anti-Trust Act? To regulate laws about railroads
Texas moved from _________ farming to ____________ farming Texas moved from subsistence farming to commercial farming
Large ranch that was home of some of the first cattle drives in Texas? King Ranch
When Texas become the nation’s highest producer of cotton? The Ranching Era
What group of people Mexicans or Native Americans did Texas see as a 'problem' from the time of Mirabeau Lamar to the Ranching Era? Native Americans
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