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The Lord will bless me! Aja!

most are ubiquitous inhabitants of the natural environment non spore forming bacilli
diptheroids ; Klebloeffler's bacillus Corynebacterium
ass. with infections of implanted materials C. jeikeium
picket fence; chinese letters; club shaped C. diptheriae
colonizes the pharynx forming pseudomembrane Diphteria
ass. with UTI, bacteremia, endocarditis and wound infections C. urealyticum
normal flora coryneforms C. striatum and C. amycolatum
BABES-ERNST OR metachromatic granules on MB C. diptheriae
PAI'S AGAR coagulated egg
animal inoculation using guinea pig or white mice ; IN VIVO Fraser and Weld
detects toxin production ; paper strip impregnated with anti toxic embedde on agar ; IN VITRO Elek immunodiffusion test
(+) for Elek immunodiffusion test precipithin lines at 45 degrees
component A for corynebacterium enzyme (ADP ribosyl transferase)
gelatinase (+) corynebacterium C. ulcerans
motile, psychrophilic organisms seen in soil, water, sewage, decaying vegetations and in the feces of human, swine and poultry Listeria
grows at 4C ; tumbling motility at 25C Listeria
narrow zone of beta hemolyis Listeria
causes granulomatosis infantsepticum, neonatal meningitis and septicemia Listeria
salicin (+) Listeria
uncommon aerobic gram (+) isolate ; non motile, cat neg and form hydrogen sulfide Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae
block protein synthesis A subunit
entry to cardiac and neural tissues B subunit
Listeria transmission respiratory droplets
from contaminated raw milk or cheese or vaginally during birth L. monocytogenes
Endotoxin; LPS lipid A L . monocytogenes
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