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The Lord will bless me! Aja!

non spore forming gram pos bacilli Corynebacterium and Listeria
contains endotoxin Listeria
catalase (+) central/sub terminal not swollen Bacillus ( aerobic at 25-30C)
catalase (-) terminal swollen spores Clostridium (aerotolerant)
largest pathogenic bacteria Bacillus anthracis
bamboo fishing rod B. anthracis
boxcar (cylindrical central, sub terminal spores) B. anthracis
non hemolytic with medusa head or beaten egg white colonies which is encapsulated and penicillin sensitive B. anthracis
maybe medusa head but has a wide zone of beta hemolysis; Penicillin resistant B. cereus
String of pearl test (35C) B. anthracis
for infected animals ( gram pos.) Ascoli Test
inverted pine growth ; slow liquefaction on gelatin B. anthracis
implicated in food poisoning ; ground glass appearance B. subtilis
for encapsulated strains Fluorescent Antibody Staining
Woolsorter's disease B. anthracis
VF: gamma D glutamic acid ; from herbivores (sheep, goats and cattles) B. anthracis
fried rice endospores ; no treatment for food poisoning (resistant to beta lactam antibiotics) B. cereus
compponent of the normal flora which is widespread in soil Clostridium
tennis racket, or drumstick ; motile (also boxcar) C. tetani
motile ; only lipase (+) clostridium C. botulinum
double zone of hemolysis ; (+) Nagler's test using EYA C. perfringens
phenylethyl alcohol with sheep's blood agar, BHI-S Egg Yolk Agar (EYA)
excellent selective and differential media for C. dificile Cycloserine Cefoxitin Fructose Agar (CCFA)
Lockjaw (Trismus) ; Risus sardonicus C. tetani
inhibits release of GABA and glycine from nerve cells resulting to sustained muscle contraction tetanospasmin
from stored vegetables, canned goods, ziplock storage bags, smoked fish and FRESH HONEY C. botulinum
Infant botulism ; flaccid paralysis also food borne botulism C. botulinum
Gas gangerene ; Pig bell and hyperbaric O2 treatment c. perfringens
pseudomembranous colitis ; horse manure odor C. dificile
Target hemolysis : complete theta toxin inner zone
Target hemolysis: incomplete alpha toxin or lecithinase outer zone
streaked perpendicular to a known group B streptococcus ; identifies C. perfringens Reverse CAMP Test
(+) for reverse CAMP Test arrowhead hemolysis
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