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NCTC Art 120

When did art begin? stone age - Cave drawings (paleolithic period)
When were lead pencils discovered? 1560
When were pencils brought to this country? 1690
Who combined clay and graphite to make pencils and when? Nicholas Conte in 1792
When and where was paper invented? China in 105 AD
How did paper come to US? Arab Traders
What was used before paper? Sheep Skins
Five basic skills of Drawing? Perception of edges Perception of spaces Perception of relationships Perception of lights and shadows Perception of the whole (or Gestalt)
Art Class is about? Drawing Listening Seeing
Four Basic Shapes? Sphere Cone Cylinder Cube
Value is ? An index of light
Define Value Scale A way to calibrate and index a range grays from white to black
what is the best way to see value? Squint
Define Cone form that tapers to a point from a circular base
Define cylinder any size prop.
Define a cube a 6 sided rectanglar object whos adjacent sides or plains are @ 90 degrees to each other
Is value linked to distance? Yes
what are the 4 line styles? Bold Broken Pure Lost and Found
Setting ground Medium tone, Less intimidating, ease to remove errors
Picture Plan An imaginary construct of a transparent plane, like a famed window.
grid evenly spaced lines running horizontal & vertical. Often used to enlarge a drawing or to see spatial relationships
4 aspects of light logic highlights, cast shadows, reflective light, crested shadows
3 portrait methods full face 3/4 profile
Postive to doing full face credibility aid to bypass symbol system strength ability to perceive proportions
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