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Vocab of Literature

Vocab of Litature

latter the second
dejected in low spirits
despondent disheartend
rebuke a sharp criticism
writhe twist, squirm
aloof unfriendly
dissipitate disperse
portent an omen
phenomen an unusual occurrence
resolute determined
contenance facial expression
profound deep
manifest obvious
prodigious huge
langour weakness
placate to appease
derision ridicule
vivacious full of life
procure to aquire
retort a quick, clever reply
fain pleased
entreat ask earnestly
billow a wave
reprove to reprimand
plaintive mournful
myraid countless
fervor passion
conjure summon
abashed embarrassed
conjecture a guess
melacholy sadness
serene calm
amiable friendly
singular unique
perplex confuse
audible able to be heard
benevolent chairtable
somber gloomy
prostrate lying flat
profuse abundant
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