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F. tularensis

____________________, a tickborne disease of _______________, is caused by Francisella tularensis. Tularemia, rabbits
How is F. tularensis transmitted to humans? Handling infected wild animals or livestock, those engaged in farming operations and drinking impure water.
What is the morphology of F. tularensis? Pleomorphic gram negative rod with capsules
What special enriched media is required to grow F. tularensis? Blood-cysteine-glucose agar (may take 10-14 days to grow)
What drugs are used to treat F. tularensis? Streptomycin with Tetracycline and Chloramphenicol as alternative drugs
Why should extreme care be taken when handling material infected with Francisella tularensis? F. tularensis is extremely contagious (high virulance and easily spread) and has been classified as a Class A agent by the government in the war on bioterrorism; requires proper handling (PPE, gown, gloves) and proper media on hand for culturing
F. tularensis may grow on chocolate agar because it is supplemented with a growth enrichment that contains _______________. cysteine