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Lit. Momma J.

Literature Terms for Mrs. Johnson

Motive a reason for acting in a certain way
Subplot a story told in additoin to the main story in a work of fiction
Setting the time and placein which something happens
Personification a figure of speech in which something not human is described as if it were human
Internal Conflict a struggle that takes place in the mind of a character
Irony difference between apperance and reality
Characterization the act of creating a character
Central Conflict the main struggle in the plot of a literary work
Apostrophy the poem that addresses a person or object directly
Autobiography a story of a persons life written by that person
Conflict a struggle between two people or things in a literary work
Metaphor a figure of speech in which one thing is written about as if it were another
Parallelism an expression of similar ideas in similar ways
Science Fiction imaginative literature based on scientific beliefs,principles,or laws
Theme central idea in a literary work
Allegory a literary work in which each part stands for something else
Exposistion the part of a plot that introduces the setting and main characters
Image the language that describes something that can be seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled
Irony of Situation an event that contradicts the expectations of the characters , the readers, or the audience
Motivation a force that moves the character to think, fell,and act in a certain way
Personification a figure of speech in which something not human is spoken as if it were human
Speaker the voice that speaks or narrates a poem
Tone writer's attitude toward a subject
Understatement a statement that treats something important as if it were not human
Inciting Incident the event that introduces a struggle in a literary work
Aim a writer's purpose or goal
Myth a story that explains the beginning of things in the natural world
Simile a comparison using like or as
Symbol something that stands for itself and something else
Allusion a reference in a literary work to something famous
Fable a brief story with animal characters and a moral
Folk Tale a story passed down by word of mouth by generation to generation
Legend a story based on important and real events or characters often from the distant past
Motif anything that appears repeatedly in one or more words or literature or music
Oral Tradition a work , idea, or custom passed down from generation to generation
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