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chap12 pt 2 genki

ほうがいいです it is better for you to do. is a sentence final expression which you can use to give advice.
When you suggest an activity with ほうがいいです, you are giving a very specific piece of advice namely, that it is advisable to do it. and it one does not follow the advice, there is a danger or a problem.
When the advice is in the affirmative, ほうがいいです generally follows the past tense short form of a verb.
もっとやさいを食べたほうがいいですよ。 じゅぎょうを休まないほうがいいですよ。 you'd better eat more vegetables. it is better not to skip classes.
You can use ので to give the reason for the situation described in the balance of the sentence. Semantically, ので is just like から. Stylistically, ので sounds slightly more formal than から。
いつも日本語で話すので、日本語が上手になりました。 しゅくだいがたくさんあったので、きのうのよる、ねませんでした。 My Japanese has improved. because I always speak Japanese. I did not sleep last night. because I had a lot of homework.
The reason part of a sentence ends in a short form predicate as above when ので follows a な adjective or a nounな, comes in between. as it did with the explanatory predicate んです
We use なければいかません and なきゃいけません to say that it is necessary to do something
しけんがあるから、勉強しなければいけません。 I have to study, because there will be an exam.
そのひとはいじわるなので、きらいです。 I do not like that person, because he is mean.
今日は日曜日なので、ぎんこうは休みです。 Banks are closed, because today is a Sunday.
you can change いけません to いけませんでした to say you had to, and to なきゃいけない
けさは、六時に起きなきゃいけませんでした。 毎日れんしゅうしなきゃいけないんです。 I had to get up at six this morning. (the truth is) I must practice everyday.
we use the sentence final expression でしょう (probably) when we are making a guess or prediction
あしたは雨がふるでしょう。       ふらないでしょう。 It will probably rain tomorrow. It will probably not rain tomorrow.
ほっかいどうはさむいでしょう (いadjective) さむくないでしょおう。 It is probably cold in Hokkaido
(な adjective) 山下先生はさかなが好きでしょう 好きじゃないでしょう。 Professor Yamashita probably likes fish
(noun) あの人はオーストラリア人でしょう。                人じゃないでしょう that person is probably an Australian
でしょう sentences can be turned into questions でしょうか which can be used to invite another person's opinion.
日本語とかん国語と、どっちのほうがむずかしいでしょうか。 which would you say is more difficult, Japanese or Korean
the short form of でしょうis だろう you can use it to cautiously phrase a prediction or an analysis
たけしさんはきょうみがあるだろうと思います。 I think Takeshi would be interested in it.
ジョン、中国語がわかるでしょう?これ読んで John, you understand Chinese, right? Can you read this for me?
Created by: 1638250176451631
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