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KIN 3600

midterm 1 quizes

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy  cannot be created nor destroyed.
Coupled reactions are defined as  reactions that are linked together, with the liberation of free energy in one reaction being used to drive the second reaction.
The simplest and most rapid method of producing ATP during exercise is through  ATP-CP system
Which of the following statements about glycolysis is correct?  glycolysis ends with the production of pyruvic acid or lactic acid.
If muscle glycogen is the initial substrate, ____ ATP can be produced via glycolysis.  3
The primary function of the Krebs cycle is to  complete the oxidation of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins (i.e., form NADH and FADH).
Each pair of electrons passed through the electron transport chain from NADH to oxygen releases enough energy to form  2.5 ATP
The total ATP production via aerobic breakdown of glucose is  32 ATP
The most important rate limiting enzyme in glycolysis is  phosphofructokinase
 The rate limiting enzyme in the Krebs cycle is  isocitrate dehydrogenase
In general, the higher the intensity of the activity, the greater the contribution of  anaerobic energy production
The process of beta-oxidation involves  the breakdown of a fatty acid to acetyl-CoA.
The accumulation of ____ would slow glycolysis by inhibiting its rate limiting enzyme.  ATP
T/F Exercise physiology is the scientific study of functional responses and adaptations of only chronic exercise and their implications with disease, environment, and human performance. False
Scientific study of natural phenomenon associated with health, physical activity, exercise and sports. True
Which of the following is not a key difference between biological vs man made machines? Absence of stress enhances the functional capacity of biological machines
Which of the following are or is a characteristic of an enzyme? -can increase speed of reaction -their function is dependent on temp. of environment - their function is dependent on acidity of environment
What is the role of glucagon increase blood glucose
First law states that energy can neither be ____ or ____, it can only be converted from one form to the other. created destroyed
Second law: during the process of energy transformation the energy tends to go from _____ state to the state of ___. organized Disorder
Which of the following are components of negative feedback system? Effector Sensor Integrator
Which of the following is true about increase pressure on the cervix by fetal head? It is part of vicious feedback system and increases contractions
T/F Homeostasis is a state of a normal and constant internal environment in biological organisms regardless of the stressors that tend to disturb it True
T/F Steady state is state of normal and constant internal environment in physiological variables (e.g. HR, Vo2, Core temperature, Blood pH) only during normal resting conditions. False
Free energy is? energy used for work
Which of the following is not a characteristics of enzymes? 1. Enzymes can alter the final outcomeof the reactions
What is optimum temperature? the temperature at which the catalytic activity of an enzyme is the highest
What is the result of Adenosine Triphosphate being broken down? -ADP, Pi, Energy is released -Results in the need to resynthesize ATP
When ATP is broken down how can we remake ATP? Glycolysis Glycogenolysis ATP-PC system KREBS-ETC
Theoretically if pH is around 8.7 and temperature is 39 degrees celsius. What would you expect to see when ATP is being broken down? ATPase activity to be at its highest The amount of Pi, Energy, and ADP generated is high
T/F Exercise science studies natural phenomenon associated with health, physical activity, exercise and sports. It can also be a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the sport injuries. False
T/F Man made machines respond to stress by adapting and improving their function, while biological machines become old and worn out with a progressive decline in their functional capacity. False
T/F Homeostasis is a state of a normal and constant internal environment in biological organisms regardless of the stressors that tend to disturb it. True
T/F The higher the intensity the more fat utilization over muscle glycogen. False
Substrate utilization will first start with whatever is readily available True
Which law of thermodynamics underlines the process of converting solar energy to plants and from plants converting them into stored glycogen? First
If hexokinase were to be deleted what would you expect to occur? -glucose break down would be slowed down -glucose into glucose 6-phosphate will be inhibited -glycolysis would slow down
What is the result of anaerobic Glycogenolysis? 4 gross ATP, 3 net ATP, 2NADH, 2 Lactate
How much free energy does the hydrolysis of 1 ATP molecule release? 7.3 kcal
What are the substrates we use for glycolysis? -glucose -glycogen
What is the rate limiting enzyme of glycolysis? Phosphofructokinase
Which of the following are positive modulators for glycolysis? Ca++ Basic ADP
In aerobic glycolysis what is the shuttle system that takes H+ into the mitochondria of skeletal muscle? glycerol phosphate
What follows the hydrolysis of ATP? CP system
If you break down glucose and or glycogen what is the gross ATP result? 4
What are the products of 1 glycogen molecule undergoing aerobic systems? 4grossATP(Glycogenolysis), 3netATP (Glycogenolysis), 2pyruvate, 2 krebs “spins”, 33total
What is the main purpose of Krebs cycle? Oxidize acetyl-CoA
which of the following is true about the Chemiosmotic Hypothesis -The increase of H+ creates a gradient in the outer compartment of mitochondrion -The gradient in the outer compartment drives ATP synthase
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