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Scarlet Ltr Test

Amer Lit

Who did Hester appeal to in the Governor's hall when she thought her child would be taken away? Dimmesdale
Who wrote the Scarlet Letter? Nathaniel Hawthorne
Who is Pearl? The main character's child
Who asked Hester about Dimmesdale in the market place? Mistress Hibbins
Who said,"I... whom you so reverence and trust, am utterly a pollution and a lie?" Dimmesdale
How many times did Dimmesdale stand on the scaffold with Hester and Pearl? 2
Who makes references to the Black Man? Mistress Hibbins
Who is the minister's physician? Chillingsworth
When the minister lay dying, he asked for a kiss from who? Pearl
What is the symbolic significance of the name of Dimmesdale? he has a dim vision of God's holiness and judgment;He is dim about Chillingsworth motives for friendship
What is the symbolic significance of the name of Pearl? she receives her name because of the great price Hester pays to have her daughter: A pearl begins as a grain of sand that irritates the oyster. At first Pearl's presence is an irritation to Hester and Dimmesdale as well as to the people of the town. Jus
What did Pearl do when the minister kissed her in the forest? She washed the kiss off
How did Hester earn a living? Sewing
What possession of Dimmesdale's was found on the scaffold after his midnight vigil? glove
What did the spectators see on Dimmesdale's chest when he died? The scarlet letter
Who sought revenge on Dimmesdale? Chillingsworth
Who was the town's revered minister? Dimmesdale
What is the symbolic sigmificance of the name of Chillingsworth? It suggests a cold-heart hardened by years of bitterness and resentment. The chilly, bitter implications of his name show that he is a sinister, wicked man.
What is setting? the physical background
What is the sequence of events called? Plot
What is the highest point of any story? Climax
Who said Thou shalt forgive me! Hester
Who said ... So thou thinkest the child will love me? Dimmesdale
What is static character? A character that remains the same
What is a narrative in which the characters, places and other items are symbols? Allegory
Define theme.. the central idea that gives a work meaning
Who said,"Wilt thou go with us to-night? There will be a merry company in the forest." Mistress Hibbins
What is an antagonist? a character that is in conflict with another
Who said, " How am I to live longer, breathing the same air with this deadly enemy?' Dimesdale
What is the struggle between opposing forces? conflict
What is a dynamic character? A character who changes
Who said, " She is my happiness! she is my torture, none the less!" Hester
"Wilt thou stand here with mother and me, tomorrow noontide? was stated by who? Pearl
Who is the protagonist in a story? the main character
The question, "What does the scarlet letter mean?... and why does the minister keep his hand over his heat?" was asked by whom? Pearl
"Thou hast escaped me?!" was stated by who? Chillingsworth
Created by: kimberi10