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Xi Cleft - midterm

Point Practicum I

Xi Cleft Points Meaning crevice or cleft, qi gather here deeply, it is a collection point
All Xi Cleft points except _____ are located distal to the knees and elbows ST34
Xi Cleft points are indicated for: Severe or stubborn cases, also acute conditions in general
On Yin Channels, Xi Cleft Points also treat: Disorders of the blood Ex. LU6- cough w/ blood, spitting blood, nosebleed LV6- Uterine Bleeding, SP8 / KD8 - irregular menstruation
On Yang Channels, Xi Cleft Points also treat: Disorders of Qi in the channels and Disorders of flesh, muscle, bones Ex: LI7- HA, swelling of face, ST34- STache, knee swelling, GB36- neck, chest, flank pain
Xi Cleft points reflect associated: organ and channel pathology, palpate to determine empty/full
LU6 Actue LU conditions - cough/wheeze/asthma- and disorders of blood
LI7 Acute pain of LI channel, toxic sores (yangming heat clearing), throat swelling / pain, heat and swelling of face
ST34 Acute breast pain, breast abscess and acute ST pain
SP8 Blood stasis cz irreg. menstruation, masses, and acute dysmenorrrhea
HT6 HT pain due to blood stasis, bleeding disorders due to heat agitating the blood, also disorders of sweating
SI6 Acute severe pain of the shoulder or lower back (foot taiyang connection)
UB63 acute Shan disorder, sudden turmoil, intense Bi pain -> Gout
KD5 Menstrual Disorders - due to stasis or blood xu
PC4 Acute blood stasis in the chest or HT, bleeding due to heat in UJ
SJ7 Acute disorders of SJ channel in shoulder
GB36 acute painful skin with painful joints
LV6 Blood stasis in uterus cz lower abdominal pain, masses, shan pain
UB59 Xi Cleft of Yang Qiao
KD8 Xi Cleft of Yin Qiao - disorders of menstruation and uterine bleeding
GB35 Xi Cleft of Yang Wei
KD9 Xi Cleft of Yin Wei - acute / severe mental disorders - manic raving - tongue thrusting
Created by: bizziegold