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Tonify Qi

Single Herbs C

Tonify Qi targets these organ systems: LU, SP
Tonify Qi treats: Hypofxn, overall wellbeing, loss of energy worse upon exertion
LU qi xu sx's SOB , lack of desire to speak, Xs sweat
SP qi xu sx's weak digestion, T&T, absorption of nutrients, lethargy, weak extremities, poor appetite, diarrhea, abd. distention
Qi Tonics are: sweet and cloying
Caution for Ren Shen: HTN
Caution for Gan Cao: HTN, Water Accumulation
Caution for Huang Qi and Bai Zhu: NOT during an EPI
Qi Xu can be caused by: exertion, childbirth, acute emotions, sudden mental stress, long term xu, chronic overwork, XS sexin'
Western Cz of Qi Xu: Decrease in Nervous Sys or Endocrine fxn, low immunity, Chronic viral, ifxn, postpartum, postsurgery
Things to remember: 1) take longer to cook 30 to 40 min 2) Sweet & Cloying 3) 10 day course is min. usually 3-4 months 4) Qi Xu -> exercise makes worse
*** Ren Shen - Panax Ginseng 1) Tonify Yuan (source) Qi - fading P, restore strength and vital, elderly, XS blood loss, childbirth, W/ Fu Zi for Yang Collapse 2) Tonify SP (digestion) 3) Tonify LU- sOB,spont sweat/asthma 4) Genr. Body Fluids - Xiao Ke 5)Spirit 6) TonifyQi during EPI
** Xi Yang Shen - Panax quiniquefolium COLD 1) tonify qi and nourish yin - KD and LU yin xu 2) Clears fire and gen. fluids * good post-radiation 3) Sedates heat in intestines & stops bleeding ** Good for Qi and Yin Xu patients
*** Dang Shen - Codonopsis pilsosula NEUTRAL 1) Tonify Qi, strengthen MJ/SP/ST 2) Tonfiy LU-cough wheeze - moistening 3) Nourish Blood, Gen. body fluids - chronic illness 4) **Restores the Normal after an EPI
*** Huang Qi - Astragalus membranaceus **DRYING good for wet, flabby = T 1) Tonify Qi and Raise Yang, SP Qi xu, helps Qi contain Blood, Organ Prolapse, LU and SP qi xu, Xu HT qi, sudden qi collapse 2)Tonify Wei Qi- consolidate exterior 3)Discharge pus& generate flesh 4)RegH20 circ 5)numb/pain
*** Bai Zhu - Atractolydes macrocephala *DRYING, 1)Tonify Qi-Strengthen SP- MJ T&T 2)Dries Damp, elim. edema, phlegm 3)Spont. sweat, Wei Qi Xu 4) Stabilize pregnancy ** not in yin xu
*** Shan Yao - Dioscorea opposite 1) Tonify Qi and nourish SP and ST yin (T&T, slight astringent for diarrhea) 2)Nourish LU yin (diff. expectoration) 3) Treat Xiao Ke- Diabetes 4)Tonify KD yin - tidal fever, nightsweats
*** Gan Cao - Gylcyrrhiza uralensis 1) Tonify SP, Benf. Qi - MJ, HT qi and blood, palp, intermittent P, arrhythmia, Zong Zao 2)Moisten LU and stop cough 3) Relieve pain and cramping 4)Clears heat&toxins 5)Treats poisoning 6) Harmonizes other herbs and protects MJ
*** Da Zao - Ziziphus jujube 1)Tonify SP/ST, benf. Qi, MJxu 2)Tonify Blood 3) Calm Shen - Zong Zao 4) Harmonizes other herbs and reduces harsh herbs
Created by: bizziegold