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CH 15-SURG 2030 OBGY

Chapter 15 SURG 2030 OBGYN

Ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and supporting tissues are defined as the female _________. Adnexa
The blood supply to the female pelvis is primarily derived from the? internal iliac branches
Annular recess created by the cervical-vaginal junction Fornix
The three layers of the uterine wall are: Perimetrium Myometrium Endometrium
Where are the Bartholin's Glands located? Vestibule
What is the function of the Bartholin's Glands? to secrete mucous and provide vaginal lubrication
Round ligaments, Ovarian Ligaments, Fallopian Tubes, Ovaries, uterine arteries and suspensory ligaments are contained within what ligament? Broad
What are the two other names for the Fallopian tubes? Oviducts Uterine tubes
What two hormones are secreted by the anterior pituitary and stimulate the ovarian cycle? FSH and LH
What two hormones are produced by the ovary? Estrogen and Progesterone
Rounded prominent longitudinal flaps of the vulva: Labia Majora
Area between the vaginal opening and anus: Perineum
The external female genitalia: Vulva
Cavity between the labia minora containing the urethral meatus: Vestibule
Rounded prominence over symphysis pubis of the vulva: Mons Pubis
Erectile structure of the female anatomy: Clitoris
Two flat cutaneous flaps containing sebaceous glands: Labia minora
Rectal orifice Anus
Thin fold of membrane just inside the vaginal orifice: Hymen
Another name for the pouch of douglas is? Cul de sac
What is unnecessary for vaginal procedures? Mayo Stand
What type of probe is put into tubular structures? Cannulation
What is injected into the uterus for hemostasis? Oxytocin
What type of forceps are used for a cervical biopsy? Tischler biopsy forceps
What is the term for seizures or coma during pregnancy? Eclampsia
What is the largest supporting ligament in the pelvis? Broad
What type of analysis is done for ovarian cancer? CA125
What is the treatment of Bartholin's glands? marsupialization
What is the term for the removal of fibroid tumors? Myometomy
What is the term for how many times a woman has been pregnant? Gravida
What is the term for the visualization of the endometrium? Hysteroscopy
What are the fingerlike projections at the end of the fallopian tubes? these aid in moving the oocyte Fimbriae
What is the term for viewing of the cervix? Colposcopy
What is the thin fold of skin at the back of the vulva? Fourchette
What external genital organs are included in the vulva? mons pubis Labia Majora Labia Minora Bartholin's Glands Clitoris Perineum Fourchette
What are the internal female organs? Uterus Fallopian Tubes Ovaries Cervix Vagina
The ______lines the inside of the uterus and changes under hormonal influence. Endometrium
The pelvic girdle consists of what? Ischium Ilium Pubis
During childbirth this stretches to allow the birth of the fetus? Perineum
During childbirth this dilates to allow the birth of the fetus? Cervix
The vagina is also referred to as what? Vaginal Vault or Birth Canal
This is a pear-shaped organ situated in the pelvic cavity between the bladder and the rectum? Uterus
What are the appendages of the uterus? Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes
This can be found at the junction of the body of uterus and the cervix. Internal OS
This can be found at the cervix opening into the vagina. External OS
What are the ligaments of the uterus? Broad Cardinal Round Uterosacral
What ligaments are contained in the broad ligament? Round and ovarian ligaments
How man portions does the fallopian tubes have? 4
What are the four portions of the fallopian tubes? Fimbria Ampulla Isthmus Intramural
Where do the fallopian tubes open into the uterus at? Uterine Os in the Cornu
The fallopian tubes get their blood supply from what arteries? Ovarian and uterine arteries and veins
The __________ligaments lie below the broad ligaments and provide the primary support for the uterus. Cardinal
The ovaries are homologous with what part of the male? Testes
What is the function of the ovaries? release oocyte into the uterus Produce estrogen Release progesterone
The fallopian tube is suspended on the upper margin in the pelvis by the ________ligament. Infundibulopelvic
Where do the ovaries get their blood supply from? Ovarian arteries
The anterior wall of the vagina is adjacent to what? Urethra and bladder
The posterior wall of the vagina is adjacent to what? Rectum
Where does the uterus get its arterial blood supply from? Uterine arteries
The process which the fetus is moved from the uterine cavity to the external world is called? Childbirth/Labor
How many stages of labor are there? 4
At what stage of labor is considered the onset of labor and the cervix is dilated to 10 CM? 1
At what stage of labor is the birth of the infant? 2
What stage of labor is the placenta delivered? 3
What stage of labor involves the recovery of the mother? 4
What is the term for how many times a woman has given birth? Parity
What is the most common surgical intervention in vaginal birth? Episiotomy
What are three drugs that are used that can cause uterine contractions? Oxytocin/Pitocin Cervidil Methergine
What type of suture should be used when closing up episiotomy or perineal laceration? absorbable usually 2-0 chromic
What is the term for the delivery of an infant through an incision of the abdomen and uterus? C-section
What is one of the main indications for doing a C-section? CPD
What is one of the most significant causes of morbidity in C-sections? Anesthesia Complications
What is the term for an abnormal or difficult birth? Dystocia
Tubal occlusion is also referred to as: Tubal Ligation
When is post partum tubal performed? Immediately after childbirth
What is the term for the anastomosis of the fallopian tubes? Tuboplasty
When doing a postpartum tubal, where are the segments of the tubes placed? separate specimen containers
What type of pregnancy occurs outside the uterine endometrial cavity? Ectopic Pregnancy
What does EUA mean? Exam under Anesthesia
What is the term for converting a closed cavity into an open pouch, may require for second intention healing to occur? Marsupialization
What is another term for Colporrhaphy? A&P Repair
When doing a D&C, A&P Repair, TVH and Hysterscope what position is the patient in? Lithotomy
What is associated with urinary incontinence? Cystocele
What is the term for the herniation of the rectum into the vaginal vault? Rectocele
What is the term for the herniation of the bladder into the vaginal vault? Cystocele
What is an abnormal passageway between the urethra and the vagina? Urethrovaginal Fistula
What does D&C stand for? Dilation and Curettage
This is a routine diagnostic modality used in most countries for detection of cervical cancer. Schillers Test
What does LAVH stand for? Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy
What is the term for the removal of both fallopian tubes and ovaries? Salpingo-oophorectomy
The clamps most desirable for approximating uterine wound edges for closure during a C-section are: Pennington
Ova travel through the fallopian tubes toward the uterus by which type of action? Peristalsis
What is another name for Dyspareunia? Coital Pain
What is the term for symptom of difficult or painful intercourse? Dyspareunia
What does LEEP stand for? Loop electrosurgical excision procedure
LEEP is the treatment for what? abnormal cells on the cervix
What does HSG stand for? Hysterosalpingogram
What does HCG stand for? Human Chrionic Gonadotropic
What does ECC stand for? Endocervical Curetting's
What does EMC stand for? Endometrial Curetting's
What is the primary difference between a D&C and Cervical biopsy? The cervix is not dilated and curettage
What class is a TAH procedure? Class 2 clean contaminated
What class is a TVH procedure? Class 3 or 4
When a TAH is being performed the uterosacral ligaments are resected _______. Last
When a TVH is being performed the uterosacral ligaments are resected _________. First
What is the term for excessive bleeding? Menorrhagia
What is the term for abnormal bleeding (between cycles)? Metrorrhagia
What us used to grasp the uterus in hysterectomy? Jacobs Vullsellum
How many counts are performed during a C-section? 4
When should the 4 counts be performed during a C-section? before the procedure closure of uterus Abdomen Closure Skin Closure
What is the term for the repair of a defect in the wall of the vagina? Colporrhaphy
What is the term for a woman in 1st pregnancy, or who has only delivered once? Primipara
What does OA stand for? Occiput Anterior
What is the term for the ideal birth position? The baby is head down facing mothers spine. Occiput Anterior
What are benign smooth muscle neoplasm that are most common in the uterus? Leiomyomas (Fibroids)
What measures inflammation? Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
What is the most common reason for fetal enlargement? Gestational Diabetes
What is the term for painful menses? Dysmenorrhea
What does PID stand for? Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
What is a mass of hair or teeth? Teratoma
What blood test is used to mark a tumor and detects ovarian cancer? Serum CA 125 Titer
What stains abnormal tissue white? Acetic Acid
What is located in the mesosalpinx of the broad ligament and is attached to and open into the uterus at the uterine os in the cornu? Fallopian Tubes
What is the largest and longest portion of the fallopian tubes? Ampulla
What is another name for a Radical Hysterectomy? Wertheim Procedure
What procedure requires the patient to have a permanent ileostomy and colostomy? Pelvic Exenteration
What reduces the diameter of the urethra and treats stress incontinence? Kelly Plication
What is another term for "false" Labor? Braxton Hicks
What is another name for a Cervical Cerclage procedure? Shirodkar's Procedure
What procedure is done to repair an incompetent cervix? this procedure is usually done late second trimester or early 3rd trimester. Cervical Cerclage (Shirodkar's Procedure)
What incision gently curves and is 10-15 cm long at any level between the umbilicus and symphysis pubis? Pfannenstiel
What incisions are less curved and are between the crests of the anterior iliac spine? Maylard and Cherney
What does CIN stand for? Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia
What are the almond shaped structures that lie on either side of the uterus in the ovarian fossa of the lateral pelvic wall. They are supported by ligaments. Ovaries
What is the surgical removal of the uterus? Hysterectomy
What is the term for sealed radionuclide seeds that are implanted temporarily or permanently to treat uterine cancer? Uterine Radiation Seeding
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