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My Motor Baby

Reach-Release Month 1 Frequent random motion: sees toy - arm activates
Reach-Release Month 2 Involuntarily drops objects
Reach-Release Month 3 Reaches and holds a dangling ring
Reach-Release Month 4 Hands to knees
Reach-Release Month 5 Bilateral reach
Reach-Release Month 6 Feet to mouth, unilateral reach, drops toys and looks
Reach-Release Month 7 Simple give and take with help
Reach-Release Month 8 Voluntary Release
Reach-Release Month 9 Waves bye-bye
Reach-Release Month 11 Accurate release
Reach-Release Month 12 Removes circle from form board, reaches across midline
Reach-Release Month 13 Gives toy
Reach-Release Month 15 Releases many objects into container
Reach-Release Month 17 Shows right or left preference
Reach-Release Month 18 Tosses ball, hand extended
Manipulate Month 1 Grasp reflex
Manipulate Month 3 Brings hands together
Manipulate Month 5 Bangs in play, lifts cup by handle
Manipulate Month 6 Mouths toys, rotates wrist, rings bell
Manipulate Month 7 Uncovers toy, bangs and shakes objects
Manipulate Month 8 Pat-a-cake, push, pull, throw, and rotate objects
Manipulate Month 9 Waves bye-bye, removes large peg
Manipulate Month 10 Pushes toy on surface 1 hand holds toy, other manipulates
Manipulate Month 11 Supinates and pronates arm
Manipulate Month 12 Stacks rings on peg, turns cardboard pages, places peg in hole
Manipulate Month 14 Contacts crayon with paper
Manipulate Month 16 Pulls pop-beads apart
Manipulate Month 17 Pounds hammer
Manipulate Month 18 Places small peg in hole
Grasp Month 1 Often fisted, thumb in
Grasp Month 2 Swipes when fisted with thumb out, hands more open
Grasp Month 3 Holds rattle momentarily if placed in hand
Grasp Month 4 Ulner palmer grasp, radial palmer grasp
Grasp Month 5 Rakes with fingers
Grasp Month 6 Radial palmer grasp, scoops small objects
Grasp Month 7 Radial digital grasp
Grasp Month 8 Lateral pinch
Grasp Month 9 Index finger isolation and probe
Grasp Month 10 Grasp with extended wrist, pad to pad pinch
Grasp Month 11 Tip pinch
Grasp Month 12 Points
Grasp Month 14 Dumps with demo
Grasp Month 15 Grasp two small objects in one hand
Grasp Month 17 Scribbles spontaneously
Cubes Month 3 Deliberate contact, can’t pick up
Cubes Month 4 Reaches and picks up toy or cube
Cubes Month 5 Holds two cubes, one cube in each hand
Cubes Month 6 Bangs cube on table
Cubes Month 7 Transfers cubes from hand to hand
Cubes Month 8 Bangs two cubes together
Cubes Month 9 Takes cube out of cup
Cubes Month 10 Unwraps cube
Cubes Month 12 Puts cubes in cup
Cubes Month 13 Puts 3 cubes in cup
Cubes Month 14 Tower of 2
Cubes Month 15 Fills cup with cubes, tower of 3-4
Cubes Month 16 Holds 2 cubes in 1 hand
Cubes Month 18 Tower of 4-8
Self-Help Month 1 Random hand to mouth
Self-Help Month 3 Hand regard hand to mouth
Self-Help Month 4 Accurate hand to mouth
Self-Help Month 6 Brings bottle to mouth
Self-Help Month 7 Finger feeding emerging holds own bottle with both hands
Self-Help Month 8 Cooperates with dressing, finger feeds
Self-Help Month 10 Opens drawer and cupboards
Self-Help Month 11 Drinks from cup
Self-Help Month 12 Removes loose socks from toes, takes off hat
Self-Help Month 13 Touches tissue to nose; touches comb to hair
Self-Help Month 14 Imitates work with push toy
Self-Help Month 15 Holds arms and legs out for dressing
Self-Help Month 16 Puts on hat, uses spoon
Self-Help Month 17 Turns knob/handle
Self-Help Month 18 Takes off simple shirt and pants helps put toys away imitates teeth brushing
Head-Body Month 1 Lifts to turn head just enough to clear chin
Head-Body Month 2 Head up in prone lifts, erect and stable
Head-Body Month 3 Props on forearms, head lags when pulled to sit
Head-Body Month 4 Holds head up, balanced, no head log when pulled to sit
Head-Body Month 5 Bears weight on hands in prone
Head-Body Month 6 Raises arms to be picked up, pivots in prone
Head-Body Month 7 Reaches with one hand while in prone
Head-Body Month 8 Lifts head in supine, assumes tall kneel in crib while holding on
Head-Body Month 9 Up on hands and knees
Head-Body Month 10 Assumes half kneel
Sit Month 1 Can’t sit – if held, back is rounded, head lolls forward
Sit Month 2 Sits with full support
Sit Month 4 Sits with some support
Sit Month 5 Assists with pull to sit, sits alone momentarily
Sit Month 6 Sits alone 30 seconds
Sit Month 7 Sits alone steadily, uses hands to play, uses trunk rotation when sitting
Sit Month 8 Protects to side with arms, gets to sitting position alone
Sit Month 9 Sits down from standing (plops)
Sit Month 10 Sits down deliberately
Sit Month 18 Sits in small chair
Stand Month 1 When held upright with feet on surface, makes stepping motion
Stand Month 3 Bears weight on feet
Stand Month 6 Bounces when held
Stand Month 7 Bears full weight on legs
Stand Month 8 Pulls to stand by self
Stand Month 9 Creeps
Stand Month 10 Takes steps with one hand held, cruises along furniture
Stand Month 11 Stands alone momentarily
Stand Month 12 Raises by self, shifts weight while standing
Stand Month 13 Stands alone comfortably
Stand Month 14 Bends over, looks through legs
Stand Month 15 Walks backwards, starts to run
Stand Month 16 Stoops and picks up object, stands on one foot with help
Stand Month 17 Tries to stand on balance beam
Stand Month 18 Walks balance beam with hands held
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 1 Crawling motions, leg thrusts
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 2 Rolls side to back
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 4 Roll back to side
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 6 Rolls back to tummy, rocks
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 7 Rolls over and over, propels self forward/back
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 8 Crawls
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 9 Takes one or two steps with hands held
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 10 Takes steps with one hand held, cruises along furniture
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 11 Climbs
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 12 Takes 2 or 3 steps alone
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 13 Walks forward many steps
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 14 Walks sideways
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 15 Walks backwards, starts to run
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 16 Climbs stairs 1-2-1 with both hands supported
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 17 Carries toy while walking
Roll-Crawl-Walk Month 18 Walks balance beam with hands held
Created by: kjhcks
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