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Word Lessons 17-19

World Lessons 17-19 Vocabulary

formula a mathematical equation
function A built-in formula for performing calculations, such as sum or average
line style the appearance of a line like solid, or dashed
line weight the thickness of a line
shading a color or pattern used to fill the background of a cell
spreadsheet a document created with an application, such as Microsoft Office Excel 2016 used for mathematical calculations
sorting arranging data in a specified order
ascending sort order arranging text or numbers from A to Z or from smallest to largest
borders lines around the edge of text, a page a cell or a table
layout the tab that contains the option to convert a table to text
descending sort order arranging text from z to A
autocorrect a feature in Microsoft Office programs that automatically corrects common spelling errors as you type
home the tab that contains the Find and Replace command
thumbnails small pictures
bookmark added to a document to make it easy to find a specific page, line or location in a document
file extension a dot followed by three or four characters at the end of a file name used to indicate the file type
resume a document summarizing an individual's work experience, education, and other information a potential employer needs to know
pdf abbreviation for portable document format
template a document that contains formatting, styles, and sample text that you can use to create new documents
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